Zoo Restaurant 1.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameZoo Restaurant APK
PublisherPixodust Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4W+
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Zoo Restaurant has become a talented chef, serving thousands of delicious dishes for pets. In this challenge, you will take on cooking and feeding hungry animals. They fervently beg for food you prepare and beautiful works of art to be displayed. With your peak cooking speed, they will be served to your teeth in seconds. Players will gradually discover hundreds of new dishes and open many doors to help animals. It’s so pitiful to see how hungry they are; for an animal lover like you, how can you stand by and ignore them. Help them and get many attractive gifts.

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Download Zoo Restaurant mod – Restaurant management for animals

When you are passionate about cooking but have not had the opportunity to show off your talent, this is the time for you. It takes too much time and ingredients for you to create the perfect dish. Now, fish, meat, shrimp, and all kinds of things are successfully processed by you, which word is out there. Animals that come to your store also compete to order. Sometimes the waiter didn’t make it in time, making them a little angry, but the excellent food calmed them down. Later, your shop becomes more crowded; the animals come to wait for you to serve. You alone have to cook and carry the calves, so the work is gradually overloaded. But as a cooking master, you get used to it and work your hardest.

Zoo Restaurant apk

A fun game combined with quick hands, quick eyes, and handling each task. Every time the animal orders, you start turning on the stove and processing according to your needs. The sound of fire is enough to make you aflame because the number of visitors to each industry is more significant, and the demand for each type of food also increases. At first, it was just a dish, a guest, how leisurely time was. But when the crowd came, each child had 2 or 3 plates or more, unable to manage in time. Then your skills gradually increase, and all the problematic guests must respect. Unlock lots of levels to challenge yourself and discover more new dishes.

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Prepare and serve

The diners coming to Zoo Restaurant are equally diverse, with cats, and tigers, from gentle to ferocious ones appearing. They love to eat well and want to make it yourself, so they will work harder to come here. You alone can serve dozens of diners simultaneously, but don’t let the overload happen. You quickly bring them to the table and feed them, avoiding anger. If you let that situation continue, it is natural for you to lose customers and not be able to move on. Food and drinks are always enthusiastically called for by them. Serve sincerely and quickly, please, all the animals that come to your shop.

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Unlock new restaurants

If you want to improve your level, it is essential to upgrade and remodel the restaurant. You can buy new furniture, and repaint the kitchen. Or renovate a new restaurant, turning it from an abandoned thing in the forest to a place that serves the most beautiful animals. Build more pubs or drink cabinets, both tailored to the needs of the animals. Any challenge will be difficult for you, but you are happy to do it. Order new items, and unlock the next level to enjoy. Indoor or outdoor scenery is also an excellent choice for you. Regularly refurbish the restaurant so that the animals are always warmly welcomed.

Zoo Restaurant mod apk

Delicious meals

Everyone loves delicious food, whether it’s animals or humans, and the dishes you choose must be outstanding. Dishes from Japan, Thailand, Arabia, China, and countless other countries are on the list for you to choose from. Before choosing, please understand the dish and the notes for it. Animals do not always like to eat that food; the taste of each type is different. Pay attention to that issue to satisfy diners near and far. Dishes such as sushi, sandwiches, salads, grilled fish, and more are on display. The condition to own those foods is money earned through each game screen to unlock.

Zoo Restaurant with a shop for animals, easy to pamper but wants to be served quickly. From familiar species to wild animals, come here to gather. Manage the restaurant according to specific standards and lightning-fast processing speed. Suddenly, the other animals expressed their need to eat, looked at it, and served it. A dedicated chef who always wants the animals to be whole. The winning taste will be better than the usual food you sell. Download Zoo Restaurant mod to expand the restaurant chain and create a menu with delicious food.

Download Zoo Restaurant MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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