Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.42 MOD APK (High level hero upgrade)

Updated 2 years ago
NameZombie Forest HD: Survival APK
PublisherAlexander Tavintsev
MOD FeaturesHigh level hero upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Your life is always threatened by the evil zombie forces. That is the reality of life in Zombie Forest HD: Survival mod. Here, the zombies that appear constantly will make you face danger. Although you have also found a place to hide behind the trees, it is still not really safe. Since the number of zombies increased rapidly, those trees did not create a hindrance for them. The battle journey thus begins, you will need to destroy all zombies. End your days with the many threats the zombies have created.

Zombie Forest HD Survival mod

Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival mod – The battle journey ends the apocalypse

The only goal that the player aims to be is to destroy all zombies. Initially, they appear not too much, the player can quickly eliminate them. You and your teammates will reside in your tree house and perform attacks. Every time a zombie approaches immediately need to move towards them to destroy them. And so on until no more opponents appear, you have won. The next journey is brought again and you need to face more opponents. Experiencing many dangerous challenges, showing strength through each impressive attack. Be proactive in each situation, not giving the enemy a chance to win.

Zombie Forest HD Survival mod free

Throughout the game, screens are intense matches. The more enemies, the greater the challenge. You will constantly have to watch for quick reactions as the enemy approaches. Just being slow and not focused, life will fall into the hands of zombies. Attack step by step and use in combination with support weapons. Assemble into a mighty group of survivors who share the same battle goals. Repel the entire army of zombies, expand and build a more extensive, stronger base. It all depends on your ability and attack power for you and your teammates in each stage.

Zombie Forest HD Survival mod download

Participate in raids

In the beginning, killing the enemy was quite easy. Without using weapons, you can still kill zombies by force. But things will gradually become more difficult as they advance with a powerful army. At this time, there will also be a tense raid, fighting with many different types of zombies. Instead of fighting hand-to-hand, you will now own quality guns. Hold the gun and move closer to the location of the zombies, aiming in quick succession so that they can’t resist. Excellent shooting ability will also create many advantages for you in combat. Unleash every attack and combination of shooting at precise targets. Step by step, destroy all zombies and protect the safety of the area.

Zombie Forest HD Survival mod apk

Collect and share resources

In addition to fighting, players also need to take advantage of available resources. Collect to perform crafting, building for your base. A lot of abandoned supplies bring many benefits that you should not miss. Let’s focus on collecting to meet the necessary needs. Crafting ammunition, weapons from the resources available. At the same time, do not forget to share resources with allies and neighbors. Meet more new partners and join them to attack. A strong enough battle squad and knowing how to take advantage of available resources also bring many strengths.

Zombie Forest HD Survival mod android

Collaborate with teammates and partners

A large army will also create great power for you to overcome them all. Gather survivors and like-minded allies to build the most powerful army. Train them in combat skills and use every formidable attack. Focus on combat and actively attack the battlefield. Take advantage of the strengths of each warrior to be able to eliminate all the hateful zombies. Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival mod ends a series of the horrifying apocalypse.

Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK (High level hero upgrade) for Android

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