Zombie Cubes 2 1.1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Unlimited ammo)

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NameZombie Cubes 2 APK
PublisherMayoNinja Games
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/Unlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Zombie Cubes 2 destroys zombies with all your abilities, using the best moves. The difference in this challenge is that the zombies will take on the shape of a cube. Not horror live wet corpses but simply cubes. But they know how to move and attack you, that’s more terrible. Players must also control their ball warrior to go in the most accurate direction to dodge their bullets successfully. Each level will increase this game, each time you unlock it, you will be promoted. You will struggle in this vast space fighting many waves in a row.

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Download Zombie Cubes 2 mod – Conquer the cube zombies

You don’t think those cube zombies are useless, they are all hatching evil plots. They are ready to fight with you, creating the most terrifying. You will take shape like a round ball, rolling back and forth to perform amazing counter-attacks. Momentary or premeditated attacks are performed professionally by you. Hold the gun in your hand, catch up with the running speed of the zombies, approach them in turn and shoot them. They appear in every corner; you you just lose sight and give it an extra chance to survive. Shoot continuously, do not rest your hands at any tempo, or you will have to end this match soon.

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The trap system that Zombie Cubes 2 sets are also denser than before. The holes you go to will come into play as if you wasted your life. The zombies move faster, not expecting the team of monsters they bring. The gongs they prepared were all well-trained and proficient in using weapons. Competing with them to score points is also an arduous journey with many challenges. Having the right to declare war on them, try to pose as cool as possible in front of them. You need to prove your ability is not simple, you are different from the past, bringing the most burning moments.

Zombie Cubes 2 apk

Conquer the map

Zombie Cubes 2 has established different maps, each with different designs. New environments create new challenges, which is also what players expect. When you win this round, you will open a new door. The next round is revealed, and your talent must exceed the previous level. You will be strong enough to turn the tide for the next matches as you progress through those levels. Around the hidden map filled with trap systems, zombies have been created. These evil blocks always know how to create surprises, you are tested in many ways. The obstacles are also arranged on the road, dodge does not hit.

Zombie Cubes 2 mod

New weapon improvements

Zombie Cubes 2 will generally give you a gun to carry out the battle. Players can renew that weapon to serve more noble missions. Power Up brings the most potent energy, conquer it you will have it all. The gun system is always updated so that players do not fall into disrepair with the old product. Upgrades will happen regularly, you will prioritize this innovation. High-capacity guns are the first choice for big wars. Small appearance, but carrying a massive weapon is enough to know how much pressure you are under. Winning big rewards will help you to have specific improvements in weapons.

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Fight together with the boss.

In addition to the small cube minions, there are also powerful bosses. Your task is to defeat both, they both have a certain preparation. To confront you, the bosses have upgraded, but they also need to improve their strength. Conquer to the end of the path, giant monsters will appear. The intense battle is officially underway, gathering all the resources you have to keep up. New secrets will help you topple those generals off the map, kill them, and don’t let them come back. Then, arrange the effort reasonably, and focus on the last so as not to lose to the strong. Try to gain the advantage to the last second to overtake the boss.

Zombie Cubes 2 attacks cube zombies, taking your gunplay to new heights. Focus on upgrades, and choose the right time to have the best momentum. The entire map will be systematized and automatically sorted, so there is no overlap between rounds. Diversify the way you play, change your ability to be flexible, and put all your effort into the battles. Progress day by day, improving strength to have a solid foundation. Download Zombie Cubes 2 mod, and defeat the evil zombies invading the vast world.

Download Zombie Cubes 2 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Unlimited ammo) for Android

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