Zero Fiction MOD APK 1.0.4 (Menu PRO/Defense, damage multiple)

Updated 2 years ago
NameZero Fiction APK
PublisherMCKC Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Defense, damage multiple
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Zero Fiction begins the exploration of the sudden change of the earth, trying to compete with monsters. The world has changed for mysterious reasons, and you are part of a survey squad that will embark on the action. The grounds need to be exposed and together solve the inadequacies. It was those things that created opportunities for monsters to act in a disorderly manner. They invade and carry out evil plots for the world. The trio of beautiful girls will not let this happen, and they will plan to defeat. Perfectly impersonate one of these girls to embark on a mission and perform brilliantly.

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Download Zero Fiction mod – Find the reason why the world changed

Because of that sudden change, many things become chaotic; how will you behave? All your improvisational actions are expected to fulfill the goal of finding the truth. Mysterious reasons are always a big question in your mind if not resolved. To find out the player’s origin needs to defeat those evil monsters. Exercise your fighting skills every time you encounter an enemy, proving one thing you have the natural ability. With unexpected attacks, the beautiful swing must overwhelm the opponent. When the defeat is successful, the truth will be revealed gradually. You are the one to uncover those mysteries and team up with your teammates to solve them.

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To join the battle, your teammates need a detailed controller. You will be the one to guide and perform counterattacks for the characters. The girls are ready, just waiting for you to start and dare to take responsibility for their fate so that everything will continue. The battles take a lot of strength and self-maintenance of the body. The reason why the world has changed will be answered when you deal with all the monsters. This takes a long time; one day, two stars can be done. Try to gather quality information and conclusions so that everything is exposed. Prove to be solid and durable enough to fight to the end of the earth.

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Action control

Zero Fiction requires players to act with specific tactics. Predicting bad cases is also a way for you to assert your intelligence. As the person who directly dispatches the army to follow the instructions, you must focus and actively control the situation. Perform fancy moves for the most extraordinary destructive power ever. Have you prepared many strategies to be ready to fight giant monsters? Thoughtless action will always be a deadlocked consequence, unable to save the world. This place needs you to explain the reasons for that instability and help humanity. Master your behavior, and make informed decisions for each case!

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Improve skills

The beautiful girls will be trained to serve long trips. You send an army to invade, so you can’t leave them with a mess. Challenges conquering skills will improve each level; try to fight many times to gain experience. Zero Fiction offers players a power upgrade system to explore and experience from many angles. Increase the power of your sword, put all your energy into it and perform a single hit. The battle skills are improved, and the match results will always be according to their wishes. Automatically find new strength energies to overcome challenges together.

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Defeat the enemy

As a member of the group of three beautiful girls, you also want to contribute to the team. Players will choose a character or all 3 to join the battle. Promises to be explosive moments with countless surprises, maybe the truth will be revealed soon? The enemy also has many minions and tactics of its own, do not hesitate to explore it. The deeper you go into the inner rings, you see who is strong and who is the weak warrior. Face-to-face monsters, especially bosses, to show off your abilities. Defeating the enemy is a tremendous success in a warrior’s life. The skillful combination of all three girls will help save the world soon.

Zero Fiction turns the changing world, uncovering mysterious reasons. You will have to gather your forces as well as top-notch weapons to be able to fight. Attacks with a combination of power are special, helping to improve the game significantly. Control your army to go far, and get a lot of accurate information. Enemies abound on the road, be careful with every trick they unleash. Download Zero Fiction mod, and take intense action to save the world from the sudden change.

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