Z Survival 1.9.15 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money, upgrades/Immortal)

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NameZ Survival APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money, upgrades/Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Battles between heroic warriors and monstrous zombies roam the streets. Z Survival for players to participate in the bloodiest and fiercest arenas. It is exciting to be transformed into the bravest action warrior heroes. Rush to the battlefield and face the complex challenges that await. This world is in great danger. The game players are given missions to save the world in the game. The extreme action is captivating in the engaging gameplay levels. Z Survival is a beautiful world simulated uniquely. The mission is to drag these evil zombies to the end so that this world can be peaceful.

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Download Z Survival mod – Students confront zombies

Escape from this game’s prison that the evil zombies inflict on the world. Z Survival features a character who is a schoolboy who fights zombie monsters. Accompanying the student characters is built powerfully. Use the superhuman fighting skills of the game players themselves. These monstrous zombies are worth killing when they constantly wreak havoc and spread diseases. What they bring is a pain to the world here. Simulate the epidemic that is spreading rapidly and spreading more and more. Challenges welcome gamers who are passionate about the action-packed and intense fighting game. Z Survival is simply a game and a choice to satisfy the passion for fighting.

Z Survival mod android

Ghostly zombies are a hot topic and never cooled down in the game world. Z Survival is a typical game with built-in combat against hordes of evil zombies. The infinity visuals are colorful and fun in the most engaging battles. Fall in love with every moment of being entertained with the action game Z Survival. Outperform the players of this game with highly unique and bloody fighting. Ideas were gradually formed to save this fiery Z Survival simulation world.

Battle in the street

The character in the game rush out into the street to confront the evil zombie monster. Their encirclement was established in a highly dense manner. Players will receive the task of moving between houses in the game. But it is not straightforward because when rushing out into the street, the evil zombies will surround the character of the player playing this game. Z Survival requires players to create combat skills to break the zombie siege. It is difficult when going anywhere on the road are also monstrous zombies. They attack the game player in a very intense and bloody way. They will harm the game players to prevent them from performing the assigned tasksoody, bloodyoody and fierce battles between game players and zombies.

Z Survival

Combat equipment

The system of countless potent and modern combat equipment is used. In addition, the players can take advantage of and learn the fighting methods. Z Survival has the most modern combat equipment collection system. Please find the most potent combat weapons and put them on your character. There are additional sources of power that combat equipment gives players. The parameters will gradually increase and then support the surface in the battle. Z Survival equipment is unique and exciting so that action game players can freely explore and experience combat battles with monstrous zombies. From the most potent clothes, hats, armor, and weapons that are given after achieving the corresponding achievements.

Z Survival mod

Combine levels

Turn on the power-up function in this Z Survival action game. Match items and pieces of equipment together. From there, the equipment and weapons will be leveled up and have more combat stats. Conquer the challenges ahead as the game’s equipment grows stronger. And more than that, the monstrous zombie monsters in the Z Survival game are increasingly crowded.

Z Survival mod apk

Move between activity centers and fight evil zombies. Z Survival gives the game players the challenge of performing multi-tasking. Rescue the colorful simulated world in this thrilling action game. Download Z Survival mod to join the action battle as a student character confronting evil monsters that are rampant.

Download Z Survival MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money, upgrades/Immortal) for Android

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