Worms Zone.io 5.5.4 MOD APK (Menu PRO, Unlimited money/Unlocked/Max level)

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NameWorms Zone.io APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO, Unlimited money/Unlocked/Max level
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Worms Zone.io is a game where you control earthworms. Let them hunt and quickly defeat other opponents. The game is quite similar to the snake game, offering interesting game modes. Easy to control on the phone screen and together bring different challenges. It attracts many players and is a way to help you kill free time. Worms Zone.io with simple gameplay will not make you bored. Participate in rounds and let the earthworms move safely. Ingenuity and take them quickly to eat as much bait as possible. Create a lot of rounds played, with earthworms eliminate all opponents.

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Many other opponents will also appear along the way. Causing obstacles for players to move. That is also the difficulty that Worms Zone.io creates. Bring your own drama to the game and let gamers conquer. Quite similar to predatory snakes, coming to Worms Zone.io, you will be able to control earthworms. On the vast arena, encounter many different obstacles. Millions of gamers have joined, and the number is growing. That has brought great success to the game publisher and is the motivation to upgrade the game. Stop other opponents and stand up to master this vast arena.

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Download Worms Zone.io mod – Hunt and defeat other opponents

Good gameplay and fighting style. To be able to survive by eating prey and killing other worms. Go to places where food is available and quickly eat more. In the middle of the crowd and you have to let the worms pass, confront all opponents. Discover more new paths and conquer everything here. Causing other worms to die. Be ready to face and turn the other challenges to your advantage. It’s not too difficult for the worms to move, but most importantly, to keep them safe. A unique way of playing and for each player to quickly relieve all stress. If you love light fighting gameplay, you can’t miss Worms Zone.io! The game always brings surprises and unique game levels. Quickly win, eliminate a series of other worms in the fastest time.

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Hunting control

The task that the player needs to do is to move the worms to find food. On the way, there will be a lot of candy, cakes for the worms to eat. At the same time, killing opponents is also a way to help worms be full. After each meal, the size of the worms will be longer and larger. This will also make it harder to control the worms. Players will need to avoid touching other opponents. Cleverness and care are what players need to do. Increase or decrease the travel speed as you like by operating on the screen. In addition, you can also curl the worms to make them easier to hunt. Join the match and complete the missions as quickly as possible. Get the food and take the lead in every round.

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Tactics to destroy opponents

To quickly defeat hateful opponents, tactics are indispensable. Worms Zone.io will offer three important tactics to implement, including Builder, Fighter, and Trickster. Depending on each case, players will use their own strategies to get the best results. With the Builder, players will focus on finding food and avoiding collisions with the enemy. This is a safe way to play and allows the worms to thrive without engaging in confrontations. The fighter will make the game more intense. Feed the worms with food, then kill the other worms and turn them into something edible. Create dramatic combat and make the gameplay more interesting. This is a way for fast players to get high scores. As for Trickster, other worms will find your place on their own and fight. Your job is to fight back immediately and not let them survive.

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New face

Starting with the game, you will be provided with worms with random colors. Up to the higher rounds, Trickster also allows players to change costumes for worms. Other featured colors, all free to use. Upgrade the worms to gain more strength and use skillful movement skills. Choose new emotions for the worms, buy more worms when the highest levels are reached. Become the winner and stand out from the crowd. The selection and design for worms are shown with brand new images. Surround the enemy and do not let them harm. Start with battles for diverse food sources. Download Worms Zone.io mod to control earthworms, attack other enemies.

Download Worms Zone.io MOD APK (Menu PRO, Unlimited money/Unlocked/Max level) for Android

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