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NameWorlds of Bugs APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Usually, farm-related games will favor the task of planting and taking care of plants. However, not all gardens are so peaceful. If you’ve ever played Plants vs. Zombies will understand why. The trees struggled to fight the cruel undead in that hit game series. But in the garden, there are not only plants. Even if you don’t have a pet, countless other little creatures hide under a tree or branch. They can gnaw and destroy your garden without you even knowing it. So Worlds of Bugs was born to help users discover and eliminate dangers from the mysterious insect world.

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Download Worlds of Bugs mod – Protect the garden from insects

World of Bugs is a game released by the manufacturer Naxeex Ltd – the tycoon of many hit games. World of Bugs has a clear age division, specifically for those from 12 years old and up. The context that this game uses is the flower garden in the backyard – a familiar place for everyone. There, the producer portrayed and simulated the life of insects that we often do not pay attention to. They can be swarms of black ants, wasps, beetles, bugs, cockroaches, or even nurse frogs. You will probably find them small and cute. Oh no, don’t be too happy. Insects can ruin your garden overnight.

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Before the unpredictable harm of these creatures, you must actively seek and destroy them. Under the trees and bushes, insects are constantly multiplying. Their number could be compared with the inhabitants of an entire town. Some gnaw, some sting fruit, some chew leaves. Your garden is in danger. With World of Bugs, players will become tiny warriors. Because a big human going to kill insects is not interesting anymore. With the outstanding features created by the manufacturer, you can finish the hideous animals in many ways. For example, it can be in close combat or shooting down from a distance.

World of Bugs mod apk

Tasks are allocated

Are you worried that you don’t know where to start? Rest assured, World of Bugs will clearly lay out each quest and requirement for you. Let’s take the challenge of killing the beast frog as an example. It is known as the destroyer of the garden. In terms of size, this animal is ten times larger than other insects in the park. And unfortunately, it’s also much bigger than the character you control. But do not be discouraged; the goal is only one: kill or be killed. World of Bugs demands that you take down this evil amphibian. The reward for each mission is also given from the beginning. So, for example, with the task of killing the monster frog, you will receive 200 diamonds.

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Use special combat vehicles

The world of Bugs is a vast creative world. Here, the tiny character has many unique, strange fighting facilities. Saying so is because they are created from the items left indoors. It is a unique form of recycling. For example, players can drive a large displacement vehicle made of an old toothpaste tube. In addition, there is a helicopter made from cool soft drink cans. You can also own a convertible car trimmed from watermelon shell if you are more environmentally friendly. The title of the most potent vehicle for tanks made from paper covers. Take advantage of all these items to conquer the challenge.

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Fully equipped before the battle

You are just a tiny person when you come to Worlds of Bugs. Meanwhile, the insects all possess excellent skills that nature bestows on them. For example, wasps have super sharp beaks, and frogs have long tongues with lightning speed. Therefore, before the battle, players need to equip protective clothing. If the action takes place underwater, don’t forget to wear a specialized diving helmet, for example. You can also buy more items from the shop to increase your strength and confidence. The jet suit is a pretty cool thing that you should try. The shop also has special drinks to increase stability even more.

Worlds of Bugs is an entertaining game with a unique idea. Not many people think of using animals as characters for their games. In that particular world, you experience a tight space from a strange perspective – the perspective of tiny creatures. But don’t be so immersed in the scenery that you forget your mission. Insects are constantly destroying the garden, and you need to take action. Download Worlds of Bugs mod and protect the green sprouts.

Download Worlds of Bugs MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade points) for Android

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