Woodoku 3.31.00 MOD APK (Unlocked)

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NameWoodoku APK
PublisherTripledot Studios Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Woodoku is a game to train intelligence, agility for your brain. Players move wooden blocks, combining them together to form a complete block. This is a fairly simple challenge but still makes the player have to follow it. Place the wood on a suitable square, continuously using the available wooden blocks and fill the gap. Join this game you can develop thinking, increase IQ in that short time. Take some of your free time to challenge and feel the increasing difficulty. Take it slow, lightly tap and orient the wooden blocks on the screen. You are not too competitive with others but also trying to get the highest score.


Download Woodoku mod – Wooden block puzzle game

One point that Woodoku makes players love is that there is no time limit. It’s something that takes absolute pressure off the players, they don’t need to worry about that. But the number of points will determine the level, so it is not easy for the player to lose the match. First, you are given about 5 wooden blocks with different shapes. In front of you is a 9×9 sudoku board, your task is to put the other wooden blocks on the board. Players observe the wooden blocks that are played to see what shape to put in the right position. It can be a line or square, just put it in a row to be able to delete rows, delete columns, so you will get points.

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After using a block Woodoku continues to give you the next block until it is impossible to bring the block to the board. When you easily fill a vertical or horizontal row with 9 squares, you will be able to delete that row. Try to create the most points, continuously score points to have space for wooden blocks. Those wooden blocks don’t always have the shape you want, then you have to lose. If both vertical and horizontal rows are deleted at the same time, you have created a combo. It happens that you have doubled the score and possessed many special types of energy. Just relax with these wooden blocks, play a lot without getting bored.

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Go by theme

Woodoku wanted the game to follow a certain theme, so he created more than 100 different puzzles. Each sentence has a different goal, you should learn it first to quickly get up to speed. The topic continues to open if you win the previous round. Every week has a certain theme, participate in the events of the game so as not to miss the opportunity. Going further with everyone you are sure to receive sweet fruit. Feel the theme around each round, relax with wooden blocks. Give yourself a good time, enjoy because no pressure can suppress you. Be faithful to the themes that the game brings to you.

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Break the record

Usually you try to beat your record to get into the leaderboard. The number of points you achieved in the previous play is the milestone you need to pass. Create your own challenge for the goal, the goal is the previous score, must be higher than the eyelid. Expected is like that, but sometimes the actual situation does not have the desired results. Players may have higher or lower scores, which is unpredictable. If you stay in shape, you will definitely surpass yourself. Making progress every day is the best thing you should have, don’t look at others to pressure yourself. Ready to set a record with the highest score worldwide.

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Great prize

Woodoku has expensive gifts to send to players after their efforts. You can accumulate gems or any prize because it applies to the next batch. The levels keep increasing over time, the difficulty also changes. The wooden blocks also make it difficult for you to see where the player’s level of conquest is. The game also asks you how much you want to test your sensitivity. You fill in the answer and challenge yourself. You will definitely receive a great prize if you pass the initial renewal. The higher the score, the bigger the gift in the hand, that’s understandable. Always unique values for players, rest assured.

Woodoku transforms unpredictably with wooden blocks and a 9×9 sudoju board. The cubes move in different shapes to challenge the player. You must apply IQ in this challenge, otherwise it is difficult to win. Deleting many rows and columns is the best; the score increases significantly. Players build their own benchmark and find a way to pass it before reviewing it with others. Download Woodoku mod, relax and test your intelligence with wooden blocks.

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