Wizard’s Wheel 2 0.15.9 MOD APK (Menu PRO, High Damage/God/Unlimited money)

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NameWizard’s Wheel 2 APK
PublisherWinding Clock Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO, High Damage/God/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The sacred forest of poison water. It is not natural that our ancestors passed on such a saying to their children. Those four words are the experience that ancestors must accumulate for many generations to have. Humans often choose areas near rivers and lakes with flat land to live. The jungle is a place for animals and plants to grow. But in the depths of the forest often hide strange creatures that people do not know. They can be the lord of the jungle leading all species. But it is also possible that the stellar animals are trying to destroy the world. To confirm, come to Wizard’s Wheel 2. This is a game from the manufacturer Winding Clock Games for audiences over seven years old.

Wizards Wheel 2 mod

Download Wizard’s Wheel 2 mod – Participate in defeating evil monsters and bosses

Wizard’s Wheel 2 is set in a peaceful country. A beautiful village is located on the banks of the calm river. The people here live very peacefully and happily. Although the population is not large, they live an entire life and always unite and protect each other. However, that peaceful prospect cannot last forever. People feel this space is facing a threat from the forest not far away. For peace of mind, the residents were forced to ask for the help of the heroes. You are also among them. Join your teammates to save the beautiful village from the hands of the cheeky demons. Will you be able to come back from the green forest alive?

Wizards Wheel 2 apk

Wizard’s Wheel 2 is a simple and idle role-playing game. The missions you have to perform are typical of a hero’s mission. Players need to go deep into the monster’s lair to defeat them. Finding these bad guys is difficult, but you can with courage. As long as you ensure the lives of you and your companions, the journey can continue. With the gameplay of the idle game, players only need to control for the characters to fight. Even without an internet connection, you can still play Wizard’s Wheel 2. This game possesses beautiful graphics in a classic style, creating a mysterious and friendly space.

Wizards Wheel 2 mod apk

Gathering of Heroes

At the request of the villagers, look for heroes with strength. These guys are everywhere. They are pretty free because there is nothing to do. So if you find them and ask, they will agree. In Wizard’s Wheel 2, there are more than 70 heroes. Quite a large number. You can customize them into groups to go into deep forests and dungeons where monsters hide. It sounds like the number of heroes is too much, but you don’t know the ability of those demons. They have been cultivated for hundreds of years and transformed into different forms, like bats or wolves. Dungeons are their base, so you and your heroes must be very careful.

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Explore a series of dungeons

Hidden deep in the forest, there is a whole system of dungeons. Different monsters dominate each dungeon. So be it green monsters, man-eating bats or giant skulls, and more. Each jail can hold up to 100 monsters. Before setting off, you must ensure that the army is strong and capable of fighting. The dungeons were getting longer and longer and were getting closer to the village. You need to cut off their cruel and cruel growth. After confronting the monster, the player can collect the loot. It could be weapons or treasures hidden for many years underground.

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Time manipulation

A unique thing that only Wizard’s Wheel 2 has is the ability to manipulate time. You can customize the timing in intense confrontations to give your army an advantage. For example, use the witch wheel to speed up when heroes attack monsters. A timing cord also helps you reset the speed to a reasonable level. Do your best to defeat the bosses below the dungeon. The people look forward to news from the hero army, so act decisively and quickly. Of course, you still must return to build the village into an even more developed town.

Wizard’s Wheel 2 is an idle fighting game. It uses a classic design to create eye-catching competitions without being scary. Even if you are offline, heroes can continue to fight and level up naturally. This game will not take away too much of your time. Just control to let the characters act as they want is the perfect way to entertain. Download Wizard’s Wheel 2 mod to destroy monsters for the people.

Download Wizard’s Wheel 2 MOD APK (Menu PRO, High Damage/God/Unlimited money) for Android

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