Wizard Legend 2.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds)

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NameWizard Legend APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Wizard Legend opens the world with many magic miraculous, where magicians fight. An adventure journey with countless dangers will take place for you to face. Fight shows your ability to destroy all enemies. Defend yourself from the threats on this vast land. Transform into a talented mage, ready to declare war on any opponent. Battles will take place, against all objects that are counter-attacking you. Start attacking and participate in all these fierce battles.

Wizard Legend mod

Download Wizard Legend mod – Wizards fight to destroy opponents

Still an action role-playing game with a reasonably simple gameplay mechanism. But the challenges brought to the player have attracted players. Show all skills to create the most potent attacks. Immerse yourself in every epic battle and break all its limits. Challenge the enemy and do not let any force defeat. Affirming the fighting power when giving ways to make the enemy lose. Learn about the features that Wizard Legend offers and enjoy the fun of winning. Go to battle and become one of the best magicians.

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Mages have always been active in ancient times, able to perform any action. Coming to Wizard Legend, players will play their role to find their own strength. By facing fierce battles, the enemies are numerous. The task that you perform is to control the character to fight on the fronts. Join the battle and quickly complete the mission, the next challenge door will be opened. Each game screen will take place each match for you to destroy all unpredictable threats. Try to fight hard and set many high records. Balance your strength, use tactics to eliminate a large number of enemies.

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Collect capes

The cloak is a costume that magicians often wear outside quite familiar. Not the armor you usually see, the cloak is an effective support device for the magician. It gives many special abilities for each battle. The magic cloak will increase the power, creating powerful destruction that knocks the opponent down. The more expensive the shirt, the greater its damage, causing more danger to the opponent. Create maximum combat power, face many formidable bosses. Although it looks like an ordinary shirt, it has many special effects. Support all mages participating in battle, duel with a series of enemies.

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Combine more than 50 combat skills

These skills play an important part in every attack on the opponent. All skills, when combined will create a unique fighting style. Choose each magic to use in each case, adapt to any situation. After winning, Wizard Legend will also provide new skills. This will also make facing many enemies no longer an obstacle. Players can ultimately act, coordinate many skills at the same time while participating in battle. Understand each characteristic and strength of magic to develop a suitable fighting style. Create a series of impressive attack combos, causing all opponents to lose quickly.

Wizard Legend mod android

Journey to destroy the enemy

Each mage will work together to participate in offensive battles. When they level up, they will all be increased their combat power to show their ability. That also means facing more powerful enemies. The battle will bring many challenges that players will have to go through. The number of enemies is also constantly increasing, with extreme destructive power. You will need to carefully calculate and apply strategy to get the top fighting style. Combine many magical effects with unique functions, causing all enemies to receive death. Conquer the challenging journey, compete on the leaderboard. Accomplish all the set goals, worthy of the title of mage to destroy all opponents.

The magical world always contains many mysteries for players to find answers for themselves. Step into each match, decide to fight on dangerous fronts. Wizard Legend will be the place to bring magic, immerse yourself in the big world. Fight all enemies and master this land. Download Wizard Legend mod to become a mage to attack all formidable monsters.

Download Wizard Legend MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) for Android

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