War Towers MOD APK 14.0.16 (Unlimited Bolts, Drops, Badges)

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NameWar Towers APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bolts, Drops, Badges
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Are you looking for a new and exciting style of tower defense game? So why bother trying a base defense game? These challenges will be brought by the game War Towers – Edenap’s new product launched in April 2022. With War Towers, you can participate in the defense experience without an internet connection. At the same time, it will be the place to maximize your fighting ability with the most brilliant defense system. It spreads across a deserted land full of mysteries. This is also named the most exciting tower defense game of 2022. Are you ready to come and test with us about War Towers?

War Towers mod

Download War Towers mod – Defend the tower from zombies

In War Towers, the player takes the role of a commander on the front lines. It would be best if you took control of the defense mission to stop the waves of zombies flooding the city. They are barbarians and highly stubborn. Therefore, these zombies keep coming to attack your kingdom. As a commander, the player needs to protect the city by all means. This is the only civilized city that still exists under the threat of legions of zombies. With War Towers, players have a lot of resources available, both human and material. Therefore, you must do your job well to protect these towers. Those were the city’s strongest shields.

War Towers apk

In War Towers, players need to have two currencies: bolts and drops. It’s more memorable than other games’ coins or gold bars. These currencies will make it more convenient for you to buy equipment and soldiers to serve the towers. Fight hard and never give up. Even if your strategy fails, don’t be discouraged. War Towers allows players to replay and win every time. To support the spirit of the warriors, the manufacturer also provides daily rewards. Don’t miss them. At the same time, War Towers is not limited by national borders with many languages such as English and Italian.

War Towers mod apk

Various types of towers are available.

Using the tower defense element is the central theme, so in War Towers, you also have various options. The manufacturer has brought different types of towers for players to experience. First, the primary building – a free item type. It has the effect of protecting your people and has a pretty good level of defense. The second is that the defensive tower has a fast rate of fire but does not carry too much power. The third is a bomb tower that can destroy zombies in a large area. Finally, there is the sniper tower – the most valuable weapon. It is capable of delivering the most accurate shots to destroy the enemy. In short, depending on the situation, you can choose the tower for the strategy.

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Hire more workers

War Towers is still considered an idle game despite a lot of work. Because, here, you can hire people to help you with many things. For example, they will be asked to erect towers and set up tents. The more huts built, the better. Because that will be where they store the collected bolts, they are essential in large and dangerous attacks. At the same time, the simple huts are also a resting place for workers after tiring working hours. The fruits of their labor must be rewarded. Only then will these people continue to pay tribute to you. That is the best way to use people and manage people.

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Many upgrades to conquer

In War Towers, the player can upgrade each defense tower. Not only that but they can also be upgraded many times to become more vital than ever. At the same time, even the workers at War Towers can be improved in many ways. For example, increase the speed to steal loot from the opponent’s hand. At the same time, defense towers can also be grown in damage level, damage range, or HP. If you want instant victory, choose to speed up the attack waves. The rhythm of the match can help boost the fighting spirit of the warriors. But remember, every move needs to be in the calculation according to your available tactics.
The new tower defense game War Towers will be the choice for many lovers of strategy games. From the first impression, eye-catching graphics helped War Towers score with many users. In addition, the new upgrade and accumulation experiences here can also make you admire it. Download the War Towers mod and join the new tower defense right now.

Download War Towers MOD APK (Unlimited Bolts, Drops, Badges) for Android

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