Video Game Tycoon idle clicker MOD APK 3.9 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Auto clicker)

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NameVideo Game Tycoon idle clicker APK
PublisherHoly Cow Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money/Auto clicker
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Become an internet content creator and make a lot of money doing it. Video Game Tycoon idle clicker will help you understand the difficulty of this content creation job. It is gradually becoming a modern trend as technology develops. Everyone has access to electronic devices and access to the internet. From there, the concept of content creators on the internet was born. This job requires you to catch the trend quickly at any time. Along with that, proficient in image and video processing skills. We will try this in the Video Game Tycoon idle clicker game. This a little test to check if you’re a good fit for a career as a content creator.

Video Game Tycoon idle clicker mod

Download Video Game Tycoon idle clicker mod – Create content and make money on the internet

Entering Video Game Tycoon idle clicker, you have officially become a content creator. Your current assets are just a computer and some recording tools. You will begin the process of producing your first videos. Please select its topic with the available options that the system suggests. Then design the video’s avatar, and choose to add additional elements that will appear in the video. The final step is to edit it before officially publishing it. After a few seconds of posting a video, you will get views based on your current level of influence. If the pictures are low, your result is typical, and you need to grow it.

Making as many videos as possible will get you a steady stream of viewers. Eligible to be able to make money through the videos you have posted. When you receive the money, you have received your first salary with this job. Use the money to buy additional tools needed for video recording. Your work will continue for a long time until your coverage spreads to the whole world. Find more sponsors and partners to make more videos with millions of views. Earn more money and start opening your working studio. For Video Game Tycoon idle clicker, it will not take too long to succeed.

Video Game Tycoon idle clicker mod apk

Take care of each product

Every video is not just posted randomly. It must be a process of selecting ideas, creating a complete script and shooting a video. You will have to name the video’s title. Edit and design the profile picture of that video to get more people to click to watch. Pay attention to choosing the right topic and customer that you are targeting. When you have employees, you can post more videos at once. But first, let’s start with just you. Content creation is like any other job. They all have to start from zero and continuously develop thanks to their hard work.

Video Game Tycoon idle clicker mod apk free

Create a complete system

Once you have been known by many people and get a certain amount of money, think about renovating the place where you live. Turn it into a real studio and make posting videos even more manageable. Provide the studio with the necessary supplies and equipment. Decorate the rooms to look lively and more like a place to work. Rent a multi-storey building, so we have more work areas. Then in a day, you can publish dozens of different videos. The great thing is that their quality remains the same. The quality of tools and unlimited ideas even enhances you. This will be a stage of your success.

Video Game Tycoon idle clicker mod free

Hire talented employees

Studio and tools are available. Now we need more loyal employees to work for it. Hire the employees on your job list. It will take a certain amount of money to hire them to work. Employees are fully introduced to their name, interests and specific job skills. At the same time, each person has strengths in their projects. It depends on the type of video you’re about to make. Assign employees who have powers related to that category. Indeed when the video is published, there will be more views than usual. The mindset of a good boss is to always take the company forward at any stage.

Video Game Tycoon idle clicker free

The Video Game Tycoon idle clicker may have shown you some of the most popular career facts. A content creator can be a great idea. But whether you can achieve success is entirely up to your ability. Try your hand at Video Game Tycoon idle clicker mod to get the chance to be more known and change your life.

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