University Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameUniversity Empire Tycoon APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Manage a university with a large number of students. University Empire Tycoon is an educational simulation game. The player will be in charge of the principal position. Control all activities, learning situations, launch movements. Offer a variety of methods to meet the learning of each student. Gradually building the school to develop, the campus is more beautiful. Get the best education to help students broaden their minds. Create many generations of excellent students at the prestigious school.

University Empire Tycoon mod

Download University Empire Tycoon mod – Manage and develop the school

Coming to University Empire Tycoon, you have complete control over everything. Monitor student learning and participation in activities. As a principal, the player will need to have specific plans. Help students become more mature from receiving knowledge and thinking. At the same time, repair and rebuild the infrastructure are more and more beautiful. University Empire Tycoon is really an exciting game, for those who love this job. Take control of everything and quickly take the school to the next level.

University Empire Tycoon mod apk

The school has just been established with a reasonably spacious campus. You are the principal, the head of this school. The initial enrollment of students is also not too much, and they use the same tuition fees that students pay to upgrade the school. The quality of learning and suitable facilities will attract many students to study. Since then, the school will expand more classrooms, equipment rooms to support learning. Recruiting highly qualified teachers, imparting helpful knowledge. Quickly make the school more and more developed.

Expansion of campus

From a school with an area not too large, use the money earned to expand the school. First, reclaim the lands and build new classes. After that, equipped with additional equipment such as desks, chairs, tables… Laboratories, after-school break areas… Strengthening other good subjects, bringing more knowledge to students. Organize many competitions on extracurricular activities, in the field of study. Let every student develop not only mentally but also physically. Students will increase day by day, bringing you more money. At this time, you will expand your investment for a larger and larger school. Upgrade the school with many valuable and extensive activities.

University Empire Tycoon mod free

Manage personnel

Your staff is the people who will help you take on the positions. Support for students to practice and study. A good principal and responsible staff will create a school’s reputation. You will need to make the right decisions while hiring. From janitors, security guards, builders, medical staff to lecturers… Players will need to recruit elite staff who are responsible for their assigned work. You can also fire them if you want. Nominate experienced lecturers with high knowledge sources. Conveying to generations of students many suitable lessons. Building a staff of the school dedicated and loving students.

University Empire Tycoon mod android

Meet all the needs of students

University is an environment that helps the young generation gain new knowledge. Build a foundation of knowledge and social understanding. This place will be a springboard for students to become more mature. You will need to be responsible for urging and managing effectively. Provide materials and textbooks to students. In addition to learning, create a space for them to relax. By organizing more fun competitions, sports… For students to develop healthily and stress-free during their studies. Improve the main subjects, the critical knowledge. Teaching according to scientific curricula, impact the intellectual development of all students.

A light entertainment game, let you take on a job that requires high responsibility. Scale from a small school to a larger school. Earn more money, the number of students coming to study is increasing. Tailor everything to the needs of the students, make the campus more spacious. Download University Empire Tycoon mod to manage your dream school.

Download University Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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