Universe Invader: Alien Attack MOD APK 1.0.14 (Unlimited money)

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NameUniverse Invader: Alien Attack APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Universe Invader: Alien Attack engages in a stormy attack from alien forces. You represent humanity discovering cutting-edge sciences. Because this modernity was applied, another powerful army began to have the ambition to invade. They want the earth to be their colony, and you don’t let that happen quickly. The power of the warships will help you overwhelm this battle. The space army will invade the planet, opening up dramatic clashes. You won’t be able to miss these explosive battles; act now!

Universe Invader Alien Attack apk

Download Universe Invader: Alien Attack mod – Defend the earth from enemies

Universe Invader: Alien Attack is the mythical fly and chicken shooting game. How to play is simple, move your finger on the screen combined with continuous clicking to discharge bullets. It would help if you were flexible between left and right, don’t rush to hit the enemy’s shots. Dodging techniques also need to be cultivated over time to ensure mastery. Constantly counter-attacking the opponent, always coming up with top-notch tactics to break their plot. The war to protect the earth stops when you erase all of them from this planet. Every time you choose to start, a new match takes place, so you can’t count the number of times you participate.

Universe Invader Alien Attack mod apk

Join the legendary fighter squad, and pilot them to have great performances. What matters is how you move the airship and increase the ammo. Faced with bosses, normal operations can’t bring down the dungeon. You must upgrade your warship to have enough strength to counter your opponent and master the earth. Humanity will not disappear; you need to try to preserve it. The future with many new inventions is waiting for you; hold your life to continue to fulfill your dreams. Clear away the pit enemy, return peace to the earth. Defend our territory, keep moving forward and never give up.

Universe Invader Alien Attack android

Many challenges with bosses

Huge bosses will appear at the end of the game; you will see them soon. Universe Invader: Alien Attack always knows how to explode tournaments, thanks to boss bosses. They both possess large bodies, extremely powerful bullets, and add highly effective minions. You must finish dealing with the little minions before the boss shows up to compete. Players also do not rush to look down on those small armies; they are also not medium. Be careful no matter who you are playing against, and know how to launch the right strategy to succeed. Use special powers or add support ships to expand the amount of ammunition in many directions, hitting more targets.

Universe Invader Alien Attack apk free

Discover new planet

Universe Invader: Alien Attack is an ample space containing many different planets. You need to participate in protecting a lot of areas, unlocking each level to perform that task. A whole sky full of stars, shimmering with fanciful lights, but the war took place. It’s unusual, but it’s happening to the earth of humanity; you need to stop it now. The planet couldn’t be broken so painfully. The target of the enemy is the earth and the whole world around; destroy them as soon as possible. The ability to skillfully control the spacecraft is the stepping stone for you to take on the new challenges of the game.

Universe Invader Alien Attack mod

Collect spaceships

Universe Invader: Alien Attack creates a diverse warship system; passing many levels, you will conquer it on the team. This is the only tool for you to face the enemy and make a survival match. The ships in space are constantly updating, and you can take advantage of them as quickly as possible. The game level is getting increasingly complex; if you don’t upgrade your warship, you can’t protect the earth. Choose the spaceship you feel most comfortable with and master it well, then bring it to the competition often. Change the air by sending new spaceships to battle. Each warship possesses extraordinary power, properly exploited to achieve high efficiency.

Universe Invader: Alien Attack experience the battle between spaceships in the middle of the universe. You will feel the drama in each tournament, the rigors of it all. Regularly upgrade the aircraft and collect the spoils for it. It would help if you supported many particular energies to promote gong. Shoot down enemies and successfully dodge each time they react. The war for earth treasures needs your participation, don’t let the worst case happen. Humans need to survive in the future and try to protect themselves. Download Universe Invader: Alien Attack mod, and move the warship into space to fight the enemy.

Download Universe Invader: Alien Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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