TUB MOD APK (Immortal/Unlimited ammo/Anti kick)

Updated 2 years ago
PublisherCriss Cross Games
MOD FeaturesImmortal/Unlimited ammo/Anti kick
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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TUB exploits the unique ideas of players, creating a free crafting space. Participating in this game allows you to create everything yourself and build your awondrousworks. The mechanism of using items in the challenge is different, you can create everything yourself. Roads, houses and means of transport are all in the upcoming plans. Add simulated people, full of a new rhythm of life. Depending on your style, the way to play each time is also different, so you create the highlight. Invite more friends online, combine to create a fun atmosphere, have mutual exchange.

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Download TUB mod – Create a separate world

TUB is considered the world’s most classic sandbox game, bringing many new trends and being updated regularly. Various items have made your life more enjoyable. Those things can change dramatically after only a few times of crafting. They will assist you in the process of building and creating combat weapons. Not only do you have to explore new lands, build many buildings, but you also have to fight to protect your property. Accompany other players to have more experience, and increase competitiveness. Thanks to automatic mechanics, players only need to perform a few steps to build an entirely new building.

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With a classic style but an entirely new way of playing, the physical impact will deform objects. Turn into an unprecedented new product, all in your imagination. The construction site is infinite; as long as you conquer it, all ownership is in the hands of the player. This is also convenient for you to do what you like, creating unique survival facilities. Daily activities are also organized. Memorize the list of tools better to understand their features and use in construction work. Strings, lights, buttons, dynamite, and more are some familiar names you need to remember.

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Collecting vehicles

To make the game more attractive, TUB has created many means of transportation to travel around. Control the car to go everywhere on the map, stop at one point, and feel. When you are the city’s founder, it is natural to expand the territory. To shorten the migration time, you should use a car for convenience. The vehicle system is also constantly updated; choose a steed to explore the street. Customizing the color and interior to give it a complete look is what you need to do. In addition, creating modern helicopters and boats is also within your goal. Crafting all those vehicles will help you have a more remarkable journey.

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Construction of buildings

Buildings are laid in turn; houses, garages, and hangars are all in that category. You are the generalist of rebuilding; the buildings keep growing daily. Gradually, a whole city was built, turning the wilderness into life. Speed ​​up to other countries, don’t just focus on a particular territory. Modern tools will help you maximize your efforts to create your world. I decide the mechanism; the number of works is also in your hands. Try to consolidate new life, and create streets and residential areas for people. Transforming rudimentary things into works with unique architecture.

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Fight if necessary

During your construction, disputes are possible. Other players have the right to destroy your friends, which affects your work. You have to remove the bad guys from the game, don’t let them haunt you for long. To cope, you use pistols, machine guns, and fly helicopters to drop bombs. Full of advanced tools for you to create valuable war loot. Craft an invisible trap filled with bombs to destroy opponents. It sounds barbaric, but it is the most necessary thing for you to preserve your life. Be strong, ready to fight in the worst case to protect the territory.

TUB is a fun sandbox game that creates anything you want. The opportunity to unleash freedom is countless, and the variety of items makes the journey enjoyable. Each level will be improved in terms of both mechanics and rewards sent to players. Find the space for yourself to develop and, at the same time, bring life. The ultimate goal is to renovate everything that is already there and invent something new. Download TUB mod, build new buildings, and create a vibrant rhythm of life for the city.

Download TUB MOD APK (Immortal/Unlimited ammo/Anti kick) for Android

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