Treasure of the sea MOD APK 1.0.2 (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier)

Updated 2 years ago
NameTreasure of the sea APK
PublisherLam Wai Keung
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Treasure of the sea search for treasures under the sea, where the convergence of expensive loot. You will have to fight for the special rewards that help you to reach new heights. The race is also constantly evolving, it always knows how to innovate with each level. The skills of each character that you take on will become a tremendous advantage for battles. Steel spirit and discoveries are always a strong premise for opening new challenges. Converting prizes for superior strength, you will have to face the enemy along the way. Explore the blue ocean, and find treasure for your team.

Treasure of the sea apk free

Download Treasure of the sea mod – Exploit large-scale treasures

This race is for everyone, the mystery will bring exciting experiences. Other players are also on the way to scrambling for treasure in a dramatic chase. Follow the map, find your way, and act quickly to stay undetected. Everything you find is saved in the collection, then you start redeeming it. Stopping at each station will have temporary races, you must accept the competition. Moving forward with different purposes and progressive capacities, you will be firmly on track. At each stop, the opponent is already waiting there, the content of the gates is displayed, and you will also get the information.

Treasure of the sea mod

Anonymous characters appear more and more, it’s difficult for you. Unexpected disputes require reflexes from players, agility is the decisive factor. Find the cards containing rich treasures, and become the holder of the most power. Summon heroes together to explore the ocean to new lands rich in resources. Survive to the end to enjoy the sense of glory you hold. Unleash the hero’s great power, you will benefit from each match. Expand the map, exploit every nook and cranny, and head straight for the finish line with massive loot.

Treasure of the sea mod apk

Hero upgrade

Bloody warriors are always the first choice of players. You will show the ability of those members through tactics. Each person has their strength and mystery, at a glance, the legendary names have caught your eye. The characters are divided according to intelligence, humor, bravery, and strength. Based on those factors also determines the success of the hero. If you are sharp-eyed, you will have a direction to choose for yourself. Accompanying the characters, in the long run, is always a big challenge. Behind that figure is a heaven of skills and top-notch tricks.

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Play with friends

To increase the power of Treasure of the sea has chosen to play with friends mode. In allying, you go through the most deadlocked things together. Difficulties turn into motivation for the whole team to work together, it’s not that simple. Each player has a unique name, look at it to distinguish it from the opponent. Unleash the talents of all the characters on your team that are talented. Allies also need to be on the same level as you, otherwise, it will be difficult to match. So create a complete victory, share the joy and the spoils. Shout out your hero’s name, stand in the military ranks, and work together to fulfill the team’s conventions.

Treasure of the sea apk

Make a great battle

The player’s shine may be temporary, but at least you get your footing in the arena. With terrible fights, you bring in a particular value. The reward is always waiting to give to the deserving person, let’s wait and see who. Stressful moments always make you have a headache, put all your efforts into winning. Fight right in the desert or open ground, everywhere brings a breathtaking chase. Waves of rage are taking place, you are putting all your energies into spreading power. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and damage can happen, but that’s understandable.

Treasure of the sea challenges adventure with spectacular fighting talent. Come to the world of wealth but do not forget to defeat the enemy. Many lands need to be explored, especially the ocean. Your heroes need space to develop their inherent experience. Your smooth control will contribute to success. Bringing unprecedented challenges, talent touches excellent prizes. Invest in all aspects for your hero, and watch the resounding victory ahead. Collect lots of money, gifts, and power-ups. Download Treasure of the sea mod, conquer treasure and transform into a warrior to join the battle.

Download Treasure of the sea MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android

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