Tower defense:Idle and clash MOD APK 2.5 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money)

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NameTower defense:Idle and clash APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Tower defense is not an easy genre to play. Tower defense: Idle and clash will prove that you need a lot of tactics to win. Does not require skills and quick reflexes like action games. There is also no need to search and answer like in puzzle games meticulously. Tower defense will bring players into a large-scale battlefield. Gathered, there were many warriors from both sides. The player’s task is to prevent the other faction from entering our base. That is by destroying them with the power of an ally. That process is repeated in each level of Tower defense: Idle and clash, but it is not boring for gamers.

Tower defense Idle and clash mod

Download Tower defense: Idle and clash mod – Tower defense using genius strategy

The first plus of Tower defense: Idle and clash are that it does not require an internet connection to play. That means that wherever you are, you can fight and protect your stronghold. All tower defense gamers aim to try not to let the enemy get close and destroy the base. You will summon troops from the empire to fight with many different races. Each race has its strength that requires you to have a specific strategy for each enemy to face. Combining troops with skills is the key to a quick victory. However, it still requires a certain amount of patience from you. Aim to reach the appropriate power thresholds.

A series of races will confront us – the human side. These are famous races in many works about fantasy and the magical world. These include legions of green goblins and elves of light and darkness with dangerous magic. The massive army of Orcs was uncomfortably tough. Legendary ancient creatures such as dragons, phoenixes… All appear and make it difficult for players. Enemies approach the base by many different routes. It would help if you placed defensive turrets in those paths to prevent them from entering the ground. This is when the strategy is most evident. One mistake will send the legion of monsters into a frenzy, and you will lose.

Tower defense Idle and clash mod apk

Get acquainted with the military force

The army of the empire will accompany you to stop the invasion from the monster legion, just like in history or works of fiction. The military has many different branches and roles in battle. The cavalrymen will approach the opponent directly and attack them. At the same time, archers will stand in a safe place far from the battlefield to continuously shoot arrows. Artillery forces, suicide bombers, and shield-wielding troops are also used to shield the opponent’s attacks. Level up and complete levels to get even more powerful troops. You’ll also use resources to upgrade them, so you don’t fall behind in battles.

Tower defense Idle and clash mod apk free

Important support skills

Together with the army, directly join the battlefield. The skills called out by the most powerful magicians will be an excellent tool to deal with the enemy. In Tower defense: Idle and clash, you have up to 15 passive and three active skills. Passive skills will automatically activate when conditions are necessary. For example, armor will increase your force when your health drops to a low level. Or create effects if the damage is critical. Conversely, passive skills need you to activate manually. Therefore, you should use passive skills in an emergency. Freeze enemies to prevent them from entering the city. Send a vast rain of lightning and lots of other unique skills.

Tower defense Idle and clash mod free

Incentive rewards

Winning a battle takes a lot of work and strategy. So a gift to boost player morale is always a must. Tower defense: Idle and clash are full of gifts when the player wins the match. You gain experience in leveling up random items. It could be new skills or upgrade pieces for military forces. Along with points to add to the stat boosts for damage and durability. The multi-round battle will require a lot of troops and toughness. Are you patient enough to help them survive and stop all invasions from the enemy?

Tower defense Idle and clash free

Summon the full power of the empire to drive away all invaders from everywhere. Tower defense: Idle and clash have shown that the tower defense genre is still very popular and has maintained its appeal over the years. Surely it will continue to develop, and Tower defense: Idle and clash mod has more and more opportunities to bring gamers more exciting content. The challenges of defending the base are waiting for you right before your eyes in this game.

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