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Sandbox is a phrase that is no longer strange to the public. Or no, maybe you’ve played the Sandbox game before but don’t know its name. Many audiences of different ages have well received this genre of game. A sandbox game is a concept referring to games that promote players’ creativity. There, you won’t be too governed by rules or regulations. To be interesting, Sandbox games are often integrated with different genres. However, this game genre will let you enjoy everything you create yourself. A typical example is the game TooBold. This is a very successful product from the manufacturer Nanko.

TooBold mod

Download TooBold mod – Create your world

To date, TooBold has collected more than 500 thousand downloads from Google Play. Most of the user reviews are high on this game’s features. The success comes from the fact that the manufacturer Nanko has created a significant part to help players be thoroughly creative in the TooBold world. This Sandbox game is for you if you don’t mind building a world from scratch. Usually, other games will have different map designs for users to choose from. So TooBold doesn’t do that. Instead, you are the creator of the map for your adventure. It is a place for logical thinking and imagination to go far.

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. With TooBold, players will start everything from 0. You will be put into a large and empty space. Build yourself a world right here. First, players need to set up important buildings such as houses. That house is big or small, simple or complex, depending on your imagination and level of investment in it. Next, let’s bring the map to life with other items of everyday life. For example, you can build a robot, a helicopter, a plane, a car, a motorbike, or anything else you can. Make your map the most livable place everyone wants.

Join the thrilling shooting battles

This Sandbox game is combined with the shooter genre to add color to the fun. In TooBold, the character’s shape is also extraordinary. It was a human figure made of squares folded from paper. A square head with a face that never changes its expression. But when they enter the war, they will also become courageous. Find your favorite guns to join the fight. The houses you build can become fortresses where the fighting takes place. Therefore, create an intelligent design to dominate when shooting. For example, you can create many walls of different heights to hide conveniently.

TooBold apk

Destroy modern devices

In combat, there are no guns and people. You can come across much modern equipment from the enemy. We can point out tanks, helicopters, police cars, and more. Those objects can become hiding places for enemy troops and contain many dangerous weapons. Therefore, you can choose to destroy them. Destruction is also not brutal. Players can use guns to shoot continuously at objects that they find annoying. Note that you can choose to shoot at essential parts such as microchips or control boards to disable those devices quickly. Surely this action of yours can make the opponent’s blood boil.

Multiplayer mode

Another feature of TooBold is the game mode. You can choose from single-player or multiplayer mode. The single-player mode can be suitable when you are building your map. If you like independent thinking, this mode is the right choice because you can decide everything in your world. However, the multiplayer mode seems much more exciting and enjoyable when participating in a battle. You can invite your friends to join you. Not only guns, but TooBold also has grenades and rockets with significant damage. To monitor teammates’ status, pay attention to the update line on the right of the screen to see who has been destroyed.

TooBold is an exciting sandbox game that combines a colorful, creative world with a thrilling action genre. Do not because of the initial emptiness that this game is boring. As long as you know how to arrange a little, the whole world will open at will. Design a multi-purpose home when it can be both a residence and a fortress of your own. Download TooBold mod and experience the exciting creative game.

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