Tiny Worlds MOD APK 2.0.2 (Unlimited money, tesseracts, shards)

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NameTiny Worlds APK
PublisherOld Skull Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tesseracts, shards
SupportAndroid 7.1+
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Tiny Worlds joins you on a journey to explore exotic planets, go there and go on a lethal mission. This challenge is simple, you only need a quick pointer to conquer. Your mission is to destroy stone blocks, collect dragons and train them. Increase your strength with each level, and win all the destruction. Idle challenge but infinitely valuable rewards. You have the right to collect the most powerful dragons to increase your ability to fight the stone block. Not any ferocious opponents, but simply planets orbiting you, make it go up in smoke.

Tiny Worlds mod

Download Tiny Worlds mod – Touch the planet blocks

Tiny Worlds has the same rules as the fruit slash game, just put one finger on the screen and perform the slash. When you make a finger movement, the ice blocks will instantly melt into many pieces. You do this many times until the planet no longer appears. Simple tasks and huge rewards will make you excited. Those are mischievous dragons, powerful energies for the hands, and much more. Just touching and moving your finger produces suspicious results. But note it will have a specific time; beyond that, you will fail without causing the planet to melt. At higher levels, it certainly has more endurance to challenge you.

Tiny Worlds apk

Even the most minor planets do not escape your hand. Fingers are ready; the dragons in the team have also accepted this race and challenged it. Destroy those blocks, and score high scores to conquer other trophies. Go as far as you can to experience multiple planets, each of which leaves a unique memory. For challenging levels, the more you want to join the battle, the thousand-blood warrior will now appear. The perfect combination of hands with multi-functional dragons will do the trick. Become the most potent destroyer in the world, topping every position in the rankings.

Tiny Worlds mod apk

Huge dragon collection

Tiny Worlds has created hundreds of dragons with enough talent to conquer the planet with you. These dragons have the task of accompanying the player to destroy the stone block faster. In the beginning, you may not need that help at the manageable levels, but at higher levels, it is. They join forces to destroy the planet in a single note. This helps a lot in short rounds. Players must put all their efforts into making that planet shatter; if there are more dragons, the process is further accelerated. In addition, they will also be transformed into giant dragons and gain more power than before.

Tiny Worlds android

Make money every day

After the planet is destroyed, your vault immediately fills up. Tiny Worlds gives you gifts other than money, such as energy, power, and weapons. Many types of hammers and axes are created with different powers, all of which are highly effective. The more damage you do, the more money you earn. The coins will complement the dragon upgrade process, giving them a complete appearance. The more money you earn, the higher your destruction ability is. So go fast to new levels to conquer the giant and minor planets in time. The matrix is ​​ready; accept that you must act immediately, or there will be no time.

Tiny Worlds

Go further into the galaxy

The galaxy brings strange planets that make you also admire. Going to each round will have its designs that you will never see duplicates. The courageous dragon will travel with you worldwide, touching rigid rock blocks. Go further to raise your level while at the same time proving that you are capable of destruction. The skill of the finger has reached the top level; it only takes two to three slashes to make it fly. Continue to promote your speed of light in more challenging rounds. Becoming wealthy and influential has never been so easy. Be eligible to upgrade your abilities and show the world how many coins you have.

Tiny Worlds, the planet is in your hands, at the mercy of the difficult conditions ahead. The stone blocks will also change and continue to increase diversity. The player overwhelms all others, becoming the focus of the game. Collect giant dragons to get to the problematic level you mobilize many forces. There is no limit to the number of dragons participating, so you can use it freely. Feel free to receive rewards after the efforts of your hands. Download Tiny Worlds mod, and combine it with cute dragons to have the power to destroy the planet.

Download Tiny Worlds MOD APK (Unlimited money, tesseracts, shards) for Android

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