Tiny Pixel Farm 1.4.13 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Experience points)

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NameTiny Pixel Farm APK
PublisherGame Start LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money/Experience points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Modern life is full of the hustle and bustle. That is why a large part of young people desire to leave the city and return to their hometowns. But what do you do when you go home? The familiar answer is to raise fish and grow more vegetables. The singer’s aimless song has gradually become a new life trend for such young people. So far from the city’s congested roads and smog, the countryside allows people to enjoy the green and sweet things from mother nature. If you want to experience a farmer’s work before returning to your hometown, try Tiny Pixel Farm, produced by Game Start. The game will allow you to manage a miniature farm on the screen.

Tiny Pixel Farm mod

Download Tiny Pixel Farm mod – Build a fertile farm

At Tiny Pixel Farm, players become small bosses. There will be no more shiny clothes on people. Instead, you have to put on a work suit and run around with jobs from big to small. This farm is part of the inheritance left by my grandfather. It was initially a very fertile and crowded farm. But since his grandfather no longer had the strength to work, the farm was also abandoned. We cannot afford to waste such an abundant resource in the current economic times. So your mission is to revive the proliferation of this farm. Let’s make it as bustling as before. Even five, ten times what Grandpa did.

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Running your farm is not easy. You will live in the middle of a mess with countless livestock around. But organize, subdivide and manage the land well. Players will become architects for their farms. In particular, you should be alert when the farm goes into operation and is full of life. Wild animals such as wolves or foxes may come for food cravings. Do not let them eat or harm your livestock. However, with Tiny Pixel Farm, you can handle them flexibly without being brutal with them. Turning these animals into partners on the farm is also not a bad idea.

Tiny Pixel Farm mod apk

Open a shop selling clean agricultural products

The farm at Tiny Pixel Farm will be separated into separate zones. Each species of creature will have its roof. This not only creates neatness but also helps vegetables and livestock grow well. You know, organic products are always sought after by customers. So, right at Tiny Pixel Farm, open a store to consume agricultural products made by yourself. The tender green leaves will be handed over to consumers as soon as they are harvested. Then cows, goats, sheep, chickens, or fish are sold quickly without much movement. People will stop by periodically to choose. Don’t forget to upgrade the store to attract many customers to buy and get more gold coins.

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Welcoming guests are staying overnight

With Tiny Pixel Farm, players can not only trade agricultural products but also organize resort activities. Many people want to enjoy country life, so that you can create this service for them. Guests staying overnight will bring in a decent amount of money, so take good care of them. Depending on the facilities, the number of guests will vary. It would help if you worked hard to be able to upgrade the rooms on the farm. They also love to visit certain species such as flamingos, koala bears… So don’t rush to chase away when wild animals stop at your farm. Maybe you can even open a miniature zoo right at Tiny Pixel Farm.

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Hire hardworking farmers

When the farm operation has gradually entered orbit, the number of jobs will multiply. You cannot handle everything alone. That’s why players should hire more simple farmers. They are incredibly hardworking and can help you run the farm left by your grandfather. Learn how to divide labor so that everyone does their part well. For example, a customer care worker, a cattle feeder, and a vegetable harvester. The work will be at its peak when the harvest season comes, so choose a good person. You can also teach them how to be an accountant or cashier at Tiny Pixel Farm.

Tiny Pixel Farm is a farm game with a classic design. The interface is designed not according to today’s 3D trend but is highly eye-catching and cute. Surely players from slight to large feel suitable for this unique shape. Simple gameplay with cute animals around will help you relieve stress after hours of studying or working pressure. Download Tiny Pixel Farm mod and own a crowded farm right now.

Download Tiny Pixel Farm MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Experience points) for Android

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