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Just touching the screen can spawn millions of mythical dragons. Tiny Dragons is an entertaining game that doesn’t force you to do too many things to be able to operate. All you need is just one finger throughout the match. Tap the screen repeatedly to create a dragon society with various species. It was inspired by many dragon farming games that were famous many years ago. Now the process of creating dragons will be much simpler. No need to wait long to hatch dragon eggs. No need to search for too many resources to nurture and develop them. Now it only takes one hand of yours to make everything.

Tiny Dragons mod

Download Tiny Dragons mod – Become a dragon-farming tycoon

Players will start in a desolate area with many mountains and unique buildings. This will be the place for you to create your first dragons. You are given dragon eggs to start hatching them immediately. Different from many basic dragon farming games when you have to wait a very long time. The hatching speed in Tiny Dragons is many times faster than in those games. Specifically, you only need a few seconds to get your first dragon. Its characteristics will be determined by the colour and design of the original egg. Since then, we have had a lot of dragon species with different features and elements. They will help your business.

Once there is a certain number of dragons. It’s time to take them to a convenient location to work and mine minerals. Inside the vast mountains surrounding the hatching area, there are many precious gold mines. Those are the things that dragons can exploit and bring back to you. From that gold money, we will build many other important works. Start expanding your gold mining empire and first dragon city. All the most complex jobs are wrapped up in just a tap of the screen with your finger. Get ready to welcome the cute dragon dwellers to the beautiful land you created with your own hands.

Tiny Dragons mod apk

Distinguishing works

Each building in Tiny Dragons has a specific role. The first building that you have in the game is the hatching area. This place can hatch hundreds to thousands of dragon eggs at once. After the eggs hatch, the process of incubating new eggs will begin. Each egg is detailed with different characteristics and colours if there is a difference in species. This is also an opportunity for you to find and collect all the dragons in Tiny Dragons. There are hundreds of different dragon eggs equivalent to unique dragons when born. With a number that can be up to millions of fruits, the possibility of you owning all dragons is very high. Depends on your persistence.

Tiny Dragons mod apk free

Carry out the gold mining process

The gold mining process in Tiny Dragons takes place through many different stages. First, the trained dragons will start adventuring in the mountains. Inside there are vaults of gold in huge quantities. The dragons will transport that gold to the processing area. It’s a construction used to pan gold and produces it into a version that can be used for barter. After you have acquired a lot of gold, upgrade your mining chain. Build a train track to transport gold more conveniently. Constructions next to the mountain support the work of the dragons. Also, look for more quality gold mines.

Tiny Dragons mod free

Check growth progress

Just looking at the picture alone will not be able to check the working and hatching process. Please click on the areas to display specific information for your reference. These include the number of eggs you have hatched since the start of the game. How long does it take to incubate an egg on average? The amount of gold collected and the time it takes to be mined. These numbers decrease as you upgrade your buildings and production lines. Make everything faster and easier. We will continue to mine until we find more new lands—cabbage in that place and used to hatch eggs and continue to find gold.

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Create a majestic industrial park with a dragon city of various species. The ultimate goal of the game is to become rich by mining gold. Besides, it also gives players a collection of lovely and unique dragons. Download Tiny Dragons mod to experience an absolute gold mine and dragon city boss.

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