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NameTime Wars APK
PublisherLSG - Little Star Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Time Wars opens up a fierce clash war, bringing the best soldiers to the arena. Players will have to dispatch troops to participate in combat cooperation, the opponent is not a medium type, so be careful. The techniques you use require long practice, requiring intense fights. You will face the past directly, the enemy has destroyed everything to come to you. They’ve worked so hard, why do you let them fail, right? Decisive battle for this season, neatly handle the opponents that hinder your advancement. They need to be taught a valuable lesson so that there is no more chance of betraying you.

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Download Time Wars mod – Merge armies to destroy opponents

The matches require fast time, you will have to deal with many challenges at the same time. Maximizing your army will make everything easier. Go deeper in the tournaments, don’t leave your job halfway, and lose the opportunity. The challenge never stops, your opponents are still gathering troops to continue the next match. You also have to act like them, not lose a move. The time machine has turned everything upside down, causing the war to break out, and you have no choice but to participate. So bring all the manpower here, join forces and create the strongest gong, look forward to it!

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The space is not too large but enough for hundreds of enemy soldiers to penetrate. Your task is to fight them, knock that force out of sight. They come rushing in, it’s very unexpected, but stay calm and everything will be resolved. Welcome great performances from your team of soldiers, they will not let you down. Just take care and strengthen the team regularly, you already have optimal strength. The history of war has also repeated itself, you have to face it face-to-face, you can’t run away forever. You will defeat the army wherever you go and continue to grow strong. From the victory, the opportunity for promotion opens, you are passionate and do not give up.

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Handling bombing techniques

Bombs are the most potent weapons that Time Wars offers you. This is the time for you to use the full effect of the bomb to scatter towards the opponent. Their army rises, and you send a representative to bomb everything. The throws are also not medium, continuous frequency to not give them space to charge. The enemy deserves all the devastation, without doing so, they will never fear. It’s important how you handle the shots, the proper technique will bring good results. It’s time for this epic contest to explode, both sides have to pay the price. Upgrade the most giant bomb, and assign tasks to each member.

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Confront many enemies

The enemy does not have a common type, but they vary widely. Sometimes it looks like a time machine, wearing a soldier’s shirt. All are in sync as through each level, you will meet them in the top levels. As your skills increase, the battles with opponents become stronger. They overwhelm you with numbers, then the ultimate weapons. You can’t be inferior, otherwise, you won’t be qualified to fight them. Instead, they have conspired with evil plans, ridding you of this world. Of course, the entanglements of the past still exist somewhere, you must pay attention to this place to have ready defense plans.

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Conquer any terrain

Level up, the terrain of Time Wars is also improved according to many criteria. For example, on smooth grass, dungeons, dirt roads, or even busy streets. Any space they can invade, you do not try to escape. The battlefields have been arranged, you will be given priority to be closer to the screen to deploy the army. The opponent ran from above, the force increased more and more each time. The player’s skill needs to be promoted in this place, it can’t be later. The territory is also separated, but both sides can invade the opponent. You will arrange the army according to each divided square, then control each person to battle.

Time Wars prepares for fiery battles with the past. Time goes on and on, but the feud is still there. Players must constantly renew each member’s image, force, and talent. Facing the most skilled opponents, don’t joke around. Download Time Wars mod, go back in time, fight with opponents from thousands of years and hold the same authority as before.

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