The Fishercat MOD APK 4.3.6 (Unlimited money, gear)

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NameThe Fishercat APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, gear
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The Fishercat lets you transform into a cute and mischievous cat. Unlike your peers, you have a rather special hobby. That is going to the islands and the sea to start the adventure of catching fish. Explore everything that happens at sea and enjoy the range of emotions. Unfortunately, these fish are also not easy to catch. The cat also needs to use all skills to achieve the goal. For example, can a cat catch a lot of fish? Let’s accompany and support the cat to collect as many fish as possible!

The Fishercat mod apk

Download The Fishercat mod – The mischievous cat’s fishing journey

Enjoy a bustling life with lots of activities going on. If other cats just love to play or lie on the bed, your cat is the opposite. It is quite mischievous, likes to go around and experience everything around. The job of catching fish will need to face many challenges. The joy of catching the first fish is also hard to describe in words. The more fish you collect, the higher your chances of making money. Cats can also buy new equipment to support them throughout the fishing session. Conquer the vast ocean and get more fish.

The Fishercat mod

Your cat will be involved in many exciting activities. In addition to catching fish, it also receives letters from friends, enjoys delicious food every day, prepares tools to catch fish… Life will constantly have many new changes that cats do not find boring. Basic skills will help it catch fish and complete tasks quickly. Accumulate more experience but more necessary equipment. The results received after the efforts are not bad at all. Owning countless species of fish and making money from them is also easy. Hurry to start now!

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Skillful hands and powerful weapons

There’s no denying that your cat has a pair of dexterous hands. This advantage has also helped cats overcome the initial obstacles when catching fish. At the same time, it also manually created modern weapons to catch more fish. Guns, bows, arrows… will be the things that accompany the cat. All help cats fish and conquer all difficulties. Having these weapons will also help you catch fish faster. In such a large sea, fishing is not an easy task. So make the most of the tool’s advantage, aiming at the position where the fish appear.

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Many rare fish species

The fishes are pretty much concentrated in the sea, up to more than 150 different species. This will allow the cat to freely fish and collect a variety of fish. However, these fish are constantly moving, causing many obstacles for you. That’s why experience and skills are so important. It is necessary to prepare a sturdy boat to go out to sea, fully armed. You even have to dive to the place in some locations instead of staying on a boat. Every time you catch a successful fish, you can also sell it. The money received is used for each desired need, specifically upgrading equipment and continuing on the next journey with many new challenges.

The Fishercat mod android

Enjoy the beautiful aquarium

Not only engrossed in fishing, but The Fishercat also creates a great relaxing space. The cat can also see the fresh scenery with much unique fish and aquatic species. Coral, seaweed… will appear around you. Freedom to explore and feel what’s going on. Create a beautiful fish tank by collecting items from the sea. Developed for the aquarium to be more beautiful. Use all the decorations available in the sea, and catch more fish. Sell and own a lot of money through relentless efforts. Download The Fishercat mod to accompany the cute cat and conquer the ocean.

Download The Fishercat MOD APK (Unlimited money, gear) for Android

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