Tank Strike.io MOD APK 1.0.7 (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked tanks)

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NameTank Strike.io APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Unlocked tanks
SupportAndroid 4.0+
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Tank Strike.io organizes endless tank battles, and the explosion comes from the first moment. The most well-designed tanks are revealed, choose one to control directly. Each has its features and strengths that need to be promoted. If you want it from a simple tank to a class, exploiting the minor weakness is only an upgrade. The battle with other tanks is never fantastic, always in a state of burning fire. You can feel this atmosphere anywhere, no matter what arena is fierce. Defeat the enemies and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

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The player decides the success or failure of the battle. No battle you are absent from, every opponent is in your control. Reaching that level, you have become a longtime master, and then you are surrounded by experience. The tank trips you start do not always bring victory, and there are failures. Challenge all limits so you can conquer on many fronts. An exciting battle will always follow you, and every player’s action affects the final result. Own an exclusive tank, and take care of and maintain it carefully.

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Trying out many types of tanks is a good point, but it’s probably still better if you focus on promoting one. You are familiar with its working mechanism, and it takes a lot of effort to upgrade, then upgrades. After holding the copyright to the brand car, you begin to create a journey for it. Use the controls on the screen and move it in different directions. The ability to aim, shoot and destroy enemies on the field is fully integrated. It would help if you used them as smoothly as possible. Guns rang out continuously, and the moment to protect humanity officially began. Homeland is in your hands, fight hard.

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Collect and grow

The latest models are released, and you have the right to choose from many of them. Tank Strike.io also designs an extreme collection of tanks with the latest models. Unlock and collect classic and modern tanks, each of which promises plenty of surprises. M1 Abrams, T-80U, and Challenger are all the best on the market that you should own. After that, there is a whole way of upgrading and constantly transforming the function. You take the car to the battlefield, and there is bound to be damaged, the next task is to repair and renew it. Selecting the best parts of a perfect car has enough resistance to war.

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Team competition

Tank Strike.io allows players to pair up with three other people to compete. This is a new opportunity for you to try to cooperate with other players. Each person brings their strategy but the same way of fighting. Such team competition will help you experience more feelings and solidarity. This multiplayer mode always makes the match more thrilling and exciting. Each battle lasts 2 to 5 minutes, any time you can explode. The combination of people together creates a resounding winning result. The main driving force is to be the champion in multiplayer mode.

Tank Strike.io

Where the match takes place

Your opponents are aliens; they want to invade the human territory. This universe is so vast that you must strengthen your protection in all situations. Tank Strike.io has formed three major campaigns, and players should not miss any event. They were crossing the scorching hot desert of North Africa, wanting players to experience the most extreme conditions. Where the sun is hot, and the firecrackers are flaming, there is only one area of the sky that lights up. Passing through the green fields of Europe is an attractive place with poetic scenery, but it still has to fight. Finally, there is the tundra of Siberia, which requires calm from the player.

Tank Strike.io is diverse, with different forms of tank warfare. The place is wide open for you to try, with each condition a new challenge. The battle environment can affect the player’s control level. Every situation happens unexpectedly, in 5 minutes of fighting, nothing is impossible. You can face the enemy alone or join your teammates. There are no standards for matches, so just let your abilities go. Smooth control of the cars is a good start, leading to early success for you. Download Tank Strike.io mod, own the best tanks and participate in the competition.


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