Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, upgrades)

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NameTalking Tom Gold Run 2 APK
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, upgrades
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The familiar pet cat Tom once again appears in the game Endless run Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod. After much success in the first version, the game continued to improve and was brought to the next version. Still the same characters, but in entirely new contexts. Challenges and many new features also appear in this version. The player has a race companion to track down the thief with his favourite character. There is no doubt about the popularity of this cat character. But with Talking Tom Gold Run 2, can he complete his tasks and goals? Let’s start the race for answers.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod

Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod – Obstacle racing game

The race that Tomcat participates in is the journey to chase the stolen weasel. Once Tom has started running, the player cannot make him stop. It only stops when you fail or finish the level. The player’s role is only to create navigation in the character’s movements. Function keys will help Tom run left, right or jump high. These moves are to avoid unwanted collisions with obstacles. Signboards, power poles, trains, lakes, and cars can all cause the character to stop the game. A diverse system of barriers will create specific difficulties for Tom’s running journey.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod apk

In Talking Tom Gold Run 2, skill factors do not determine much about the ability to win. Because it’s most elementary operations, and players can easily control them. Instead, the ability to observe, judge distance and speed of reflection is the main factor. Obstacles appear without any rules. It is a random occurrence at any point on the path. Only when you see them from a distance can you give an effective reflex. If you can run as long and as far away as possible, the player’s achievement will be higher.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod download

Open running map

The running map in Talking Tom Gold Run 2 is constantly changing. It offers different scenes. Built from detailed and passionate sketches. Talking Tom Gold Run 2 is fresh racing tracks from separate locations. Each place will bring its obstacles. The journey to catch the hateful thief also helps the character enjoy the beautiful landscape. When you complete a level, you will be moved to the next area. At the place of interference will appear a beam of light. The thief weasel will also wait for the character there. It will panic run if the surface starts. The flexible change of the chase area will create a lively space. The city, the beach, the desert, and the cold and snowy season can all be the scene that players experience.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod android

Support items

Support items are also a feature that gets a lot of attention in the game. They bring personal benefits to the player’s travel journey. Besides the gold coins, there is a system of other equally attractive items. Each type offers its advantages. Magnets give the ability to collect gold coins without moving. The plane helps the player to fly high. Besides, there are skateboards. Rockets are also very effective. Try to manage them on the track.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod free

Various characters and costumes

Not only Tom’s character. In Talking Tom Gold Run 2, players can interact with other characters such as Angela cat, a mischievous dog… A total of 6 available characters are built by the game. In addition, there is the ability to customize the character’s appearance. They are made through a change from the outfit collection. You will have a very personality and dynamic character. Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 mod to chase criminals and collect valuable gold coins.

Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, upgrades) for Android

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