Takashi Ninja Warrior 2.6.6 MOD APK (Immortal)

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NameTakashi Ninja Warrior APK
PublisherHorizon Games Inc.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesImmortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Are you someone who likes to learn about historical contexts, epic stories? What you want will also be faithfully reproduced through the games. Takashi Ninja Warrior is one of them, providing entertainment and insight. Specifically, the context of Japan in the Middle Ages had many events. The forces invaded and destroyed Japan. Coming to Takashi Ninja Warrior, players will be playing the role of a ninja and performing missions. Start coming to the land of the rising sun and defeat the enemies here. Destroy evil bosses and make them non-existent.

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Download Takashi Ninja Warrior mod – Adventure in the land of the rising sun

You will be a ninja ready to face all forces to attack the enemies. The game is released based on fascinating epic stories. Coming to each detail in the game, taking you back to that era. Takashi Ninja Warrior is a place that will let you be an assassin, with the power to resist all attacks. Quickly eliminate all enemies from the area. The battle begins to take place, allowing the player to go to battle to defeat all enemies. The drama through each way of attacking, fighting against numerous forces. Can you get the win? It all depends on the ability as well as knowing how to dodge any counterattack from the enemy.

Takashi Ninja Warrior mod android

The land of Tochi was the first place where the wars took place. Unyielding to watch the enemies commit crimes, Arashi went out to battle. Rescue the people here, train, and gather the soldiers to join. But not long after,  Arashi sacrificed himself while saving his son, who was falling into the hands of the enemy. Later, Takashi – Arashi’s son followed in his father’s footsteps. He set out and with the desire to complete a noble mission. With only a sword in hand, Takashi bravely came before countless enemies. Fight to eliminate evil enemies one by one and make them unable to carry out their crimes.

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Explore the world map

Takashi will be visiting a variety of locations. Takashi Ninja Warrior has brought an enormous battlefield for the character to adventure. Tochi is not just a town, and it is a vast territory. This is also the target for the enemies to sabotage. Tochi will be divided into many different plots. Your task will be to go to each of those places and carry out counterattacks against the enemy. Each place will appear their attack, you will have to use your strength to fight hard. Each challenge will also be brought to you to conquer. Go to secret paths and execute agents. Complete the goal and go to more locations, the greater the chance of getting the rewards. Private rooms containing many items will also appear. Collect to get more valuable items.

Takashi Ninja Warrior mod apk

Observe from all angles

The player assumes the role of the character and begins to perform attack actions. Focus on all angles and observe carefully. Approach the opponents, attack to defeat the enemies quickly. You can fully view the loot after you have received each battle. Upgrade skills to be able to get victories quickly. In addition to the strength you have, the skill factor is significant. A lot of strong enemies will appear and cause many difficulties. Approach every enemy, make them unsurvivable by hitting them in the back or slashing with the sword in quick succession. Combine many different attacks to create advantages, firmly to the brutal battle.

Takashi Ninja Warrior mod

Characters participating in the battle

The ninja will be the character that accompanies the player in battles. You will control the character to go to the places where the enemies are gathered and start attacking. A lot of support equipment will also be provided by Takashi Ninja Warrior. Players will be used to eliminate each enemy force. Upgrade your character to gain new skills in attack methods. From physical strength, weapons, speed, defense … will all be brought by Takashi Ninja Warrior. Use the equipped sword on all enemies present in the field. Drive them out of this place, extinguish the evil intentions that the enemy is trying to carry out. Attack from afar or use the most powerful weapons to destroy the entire enemy army. In addition, the ninja warrior also has the support of his family with divine power. Download Takashi Ninja Warrior mod to become an assassin to destroy enemies.

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