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Hello, I wonder if you are a person with a good heart? If faced with a mysterious case, how would you act? Will your feet have the courage to go to dark places to find out the truth for the unfortunate victims? Mysterious disappearances happen quite a lot in everyday life. In particular, criminal acts are becoming more severe, increasing crime. To illustrate a mysterious case at the fantasy Magic Academy, producer Wooga created Switchcraft. With more than a million downloads, this game has made many gamers crazy. Switchcraft was honored to win the “Best Pick up & Play” award on Google Play in 2021.

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Download Switchcraft mod – Awaken the witch inside you

The context for you to test your abilities in Switchcraft is Pendle Hill. This is an exceptional school. Pendle Hill is the leading Academy for witches, the dream of many people. But a shocking story happened in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts – where Pendle Hill is located. A dark force is plotting to destroy the wizarding world from deep within. The beginning of everything is the mysterious disappearance of young Lydia. Lydia is only 18 years old. Unable to sit idly by that situation, Bailey – her friend, planned to get to the bottom of the truth. Are you ready to be Bailey’s companion in the journey to find justice?

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The small town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, is home to countless magic students. If the cause of Lydia’s disappearance is not found soon, the same thing can happen to many young people. Coming to Switchcraft, you will experience an extremely mystical adventure. With your inherent skills and a hidden source of magic, you will unlock an exciting interactive story. The deeper into the story, the more clues are revealed. That means that Lydia’s disappearance will gradually be revealed. But the most necessary condition is your effort when participating in the challenges at Switchcraft. Hopefully, Bailey will be pleased with an enthusiastic partner like you.

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Combine magic with puzzles

Producer Wooga cleverly integrates a match-3 puzzle game into Switchcraft’s thrilling magical storyline. Switchcraft is a role-playing novel with hundreds of fantasy stories and exciting chapters. As you complete puzzle quests through multiple levels, new details will be revealed. Whether Lydia’s tragic disappearance is solved or not depends mainly on you. There will be many surprises waiting for you at Switchcraft. Sometimes there will be information that causes you to be confused or lost on your journey to justice. Be careful. Choose a safe direction and stick to it. Not every gate is the way out.

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Choose your path of experience

More than a puzzle game, Switchcraft is also designed according to the exciting interactive novel genre. You will choose the path of experience in this adventure. Switchcraft is set in the wizarding world of the 21st century. You can meet other kind witches and become friends with them. But many bad guys are ready to turn and betray you. This also depends on the moves you take in Switchcraft. But no matter what, make sure that every decision you make is geared toward finding Lydia. There are many paths for you to experience in this magical game but don’t get too caught up in their auras. Lydia is the destination you must seek.

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Enhance Magicka

In the face of manipulative choices, your mind can become chaotic. But Switchcraft has a way to appease them. Let’s strengthen Magicka by combining at least three magic jewels become. This gameplay is very familiar. So what is Magicka? Magicka is the source of all magic in the wizarding world. Collecting Magicka will help you harness the witchcraft potential deep in your soul. It is also the key to unlocking the mystery in the fantasy world that the Wooga family created. Remember, the more Magicka Crystals you collect, the more advantageous you are. So it would help if you used your wisdom to match the maximum number of magical gems.

Perhaps the success of Switchcraft comes from the unique combination of a puzzle game with the interesting interactive magic story at Pendle Hill Academy. The exciting details of the match 3 challenges make you both relax and think logically. Sparkling graphics with the dominant purple tone make the magical world in Switchcraft more fanciful. Download Switchcraft mod and discover the exciting magical story at Pendle Hill.

Download Switchcraft MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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