Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 1.7.9 MOD APK (Auto win)

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NameSweet Fruits POP: Match 3 APK
PublisherDODAM GAMES, inc
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 puzzle challenge with fresh and colorful fruits in this world. This is a game, and players only need to choose 3 of the same fruit and combine them into one. The turns are very familiar to those passionate about the Match-3 genre. It’s not as difficult to start a new challenge as you think; maybe you already know the skill the first time you do it. Looking at the delicious fruit sequence, the catchy sound will make the race more interesting. Leave memories and noble awards; put your name in the first place. Match-3 puzzles day and night to break the previous player’s record.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 apk

Download Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 mod – Collect fruits in many directions to play

Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 offers a treasure trove of fruits for you to harvest. The bright colors will attract you, giving you a refreshing feeling when participating in the challenge. The sweet fruits are ready, wait for you to press start, and everything will happen immediately. The automatic fruit production system is productive, having to keep up with your pace. In this game, you control everything, from which fruit to choose to how much money to collect. Treasures are waiting for you at the end of each level; reward yourself after your efforts with sweet fruits. More integration will bring more glory to you.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 mod

The energy emitted at Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 is equally attractive. When you integrate four squares or a long row of fruits, those energies come into play. Bringing many surprises is the goal of this game, attracting a large number of players. You can freely look at your favorite fruits, touch them and score points. General observation to grasp the position of each type, from which to have the correct direction. Each time you hit the target, your money will increase, and you become rich. Each challenge will give you a certain amount of fruit, complete enough to succeed.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3

Match fruits of the same color

Bringing together fruits of the same type is the way to play in Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3. It won’t be too difficult for you to find rows of the same color. Instead, move up and down, right and left to flex the position of the fruits. Keep doing this until you reach your goal. When doing, give priority to the fruits that the game requires; if it’s too secretive, ask another fruit for help. In this part, the fruits will support each other by liberating this fruit, and then the other will have the right direction. With a pre-calculation, it will be completed quickly while ensuring the number of turns of that screen.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 apk free

The powerful liberating effect

When you connect three squares of the same type, only a standard score is achieved. But the energy will be decisive if you can transform into four cells of the same color or in a long sequence. Waves and lightning will appear when you do extraordinary things. Players also use such matching to create their power. It can be a hammer to smash unnecessary tiles or a rainbow fruit that shoots lightning in all directions. With many types of control, you can take faster shortcuts and reach the destination in the shortest time. The more energy you create, the more points you will excel in and place in the rankings.

Sweet Fruits POP Match 3 mod apk

Get multiple prizes at once

Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 will reward your merits and efforts. Performing the puzzle is not too tiring but more rewarding than expected. The number of points you gain corresponds to the amount of money you receive; use that asset fund to do good work. You can buy energy or equipment for the challenge. Play as much as you want, fail; you can try again and still get money. Indeed this is an excellent opportunity for you to become a billionaire with a simple operation. Feel the fun of playing and win lots of prizes. Accumulate gradually, and the highest-ranked person in the ranking is you.

Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 is a playground for those passionate about fruits and Match-3 gameplay. Challenge yourself at higher levels; great for breaking records. Unleash your exploration with challenging levels, but create good memories. Later, the play level will be more advanced, requiring the player’s tactics. But when you are ready, everything is normal; no need to worry. Numerous challenges for players, from easy to complex, according to each person’s ability. The game is highly entertaining but does not forget to train your thinking. Download Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 mod that combines blocks of the same type and creates power.

Download Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3 MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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