Survival Island 0.13.1847 MOD APK (Unlimited resources)

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NameSurvival Island APK
PublisherNakusi Development Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited resources
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Survival Island challenges in a harsh but vibrant environment with eye-catching visuals. Players suddenly become professional hunters specializing in endless adventures. The task comes to you every day, mainly building houses to survive. Exploiting new lands is also challenging; the more places you go, the more resources you can find. A simulation genre, but the events take place realistically, and you get to experience many tasks simultaneously. One hand you bring to life on this strange island. Continue to maintain and develop with massive projects, and conquer many rewards.

Survival Island mod

Download Survival Island mod – The feverish man on the ocean island

The sea almost surrounds Survival Island; the clear blue water adorned this ample space. The main task is to create the safest base, covering every nook and cranny. A hunting adventure is always waiting for you with surprises. Run fast to go to many destinations; stop to build a building. Your mining speed is also fast to complete the goal. Go to the water area, jump on the number to build a bridge over it for easy travel. The quests can be repeated, but the conquering space is not; go and go without seeing the end.

Survival Island

You will play independently without help, and you will find the challenges you overcome easily. An idle life is your most prominent dream. They expect to have a lot of money and valuable wood resources when performing tasks. Any loot you collect along the way becomes good value. Each player owns different resources; construction speed also depends on that. The houses will grow according to your wishes as long as you are still running. Hard-working day and night to receive sweet fruit. Open up a new world, and turn this strange island into a beloved second home that you don’t want to leave.

Survival Island apk

Farm development

It is reasonable to build a farm to have a stable survival pace. Here you can grow the plants you want; the sweet fruits begin to bloom. When you do such planning, the exploitation of the land is essential. Choosing suitable soil with lots of nutrients will make your care more accessible. Choose a variety of crops, fruits and vegetables to harvest. When ripe, you pick and sell at the market of Survival Island. This is also the next source of income for you to increase your wealth in the fastest time. Having just experienced being a farmer, you can also show off your selling skills. Try to achieve high profits with a wide variety of items.

Survival Island mod apk

Carry out hunting

Players should spend time hunting wild animals. It is also one source that creates food to help you survive. When you successfully track them, please do not use them to eat meat; you will join the army. The purpose of joining animal teammates is to have a solid barrier and not be afraid of the enemy. Survival Island can dispatch new forces to invade your land. These beasts inherently possess breakthrough energies; you will be safe with them. Improve weapons to capture the healthy species quickly, and become the lord of the mighty wild animals.

Survival Island apk free

The house of shelter

A home is always where you can return safely without any worries. Players create whole lives with homes, food, and activities that connect people. Other hunters may pass through your territory but beware. Not everyone is excellent and worthy of your trust. Wherever you go to build a house, there are many styles. Constructions on the ground or the sea are possible. Build more boats to bring the food to your market. An exciting life is about to open, and you are the manager and operator. Create paths, decorate trees, and lay the foundation for houses in locations on the island.

Survival Island does massive world exploration, hunting, farming and survival. Do all kinds of challenges to living on the island in harmony with nature. The sea and islands are full of creatures to discover and experience on land and underwater. Players are flexible in the terrain to create the most stable bases. The types of resources you collect are displayed on the screen for you to follow. Observe what resources are lacking to find ways to gather, especially wood. Download Survival Island mod, a simulation-style but real survival adventure.

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