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NameStrikeBox APK
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StrikeBox is a game about shooting action, you can take on opponents from many different directions on the same battlefield. The terrain is created by unique boxes instead of solid brick construction. Players still take advantage of those partitions to dodge enemies. The space where you fight this time is ample and has many nooks and crannies. You should perform shooting hits in a close-to-target style. The opponent also covers his face and hides under those walls; they also intend to beat you down. Players constantly rise to achieve high achievements with massive kills. Explore, observe and act quietly but hit multiple targets at once.

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Download StrikeBox mod – Dramatic shooting chases

StrikeBox requires players to have a talent for using guns; any type will do. You mainly use the weapon to protect yourself, so it is impossible not to know how to control it. Although the skill is not high for beginners, there is time to practice. You and your opponent have heart-pounding combos, each looking for a way to hit from behind. The search for the enemy is not easy; sometimes, you have to run around without seeing it. The unexpected occurrences are more to see how the players react. It would be best if you were calm in all situations; your hand is always ready at the fire button to not be slow compared to the opponent.

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Playing with friends is also a good idea; you can divide people to take over this space. The terrain you go to is mainly below, close to the ground, rarely have to move to the rooftop. There are square boxes in the middle of your path, which can be used to dodge unexpected bullets. Densely raised partitions narrow the search space. This arrangement makes every place you go to feel like danger and a suspicion that your opponent is hiding there too. Chasing each other has never ceased to be stressful, always in a state of suspense. Both sides are looking for each other, sometimes it is challenging to meet, but sometimes there are surprises.

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Many guns to conquer

As a shooter, investing in all genres is understandable. StrikeBox creates an entire catalogue with guns corresponding to its function. Firearms range from short to long, from pistols to bazookas and grenade launchers. These specialized types are for each use case in the right way—pistols for long-range sightings by having a very standard angle of view. The grenade launcher uses explosive mines to make the space white, helping you escape. If the opponent is too close, you should use the short type, which is easier to shoot and hit. For complex and unexpected situations, using ammo is the best idea for temporary protection.

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Multiplayer at the same time

StrikeBox lets you join up to 10 people in a battle. Playing with friends like that helps you to allocate different positions in the same game. They also support you; sometimes, when your capacity is exhausted, there are great friends. The rhythmic coordination between the members is essential; being out of rhythm is considered a failure. You must fight on team spirit; if you want to play odd, choose the independent mode. When there is consistency in how you play, you always get dubious results. Encircle the entire battlefield, making your army the most powerful. Score a lot; the harmony always brings glory to the team.


Use more equipment

To increase the ability to move in this ample space, StrikeBox has set up additional vehicles, such as motorbikes, cars, and helicopters. These auxiliary vehicles speed up the movement faster, catching up with the opponent in a running situation. Also, a shield you can use if the enemy counterattacks. Control them gracefully and professionally, don’t let them fall. Owning more of these types of vehicles, you are more relaxed but not too dependent. If the control is not proficient moving in the car will take time for you to get used to it. Even the times hitting the bulkheads increased, failing before the opponent shot again.

StrikeBox is a multiplayer shooter with principles, not chaos. Fact that you arrange many people, it is easy to reach opponents in every corner. Quickly see the enemy in black and hit them. You should improve your shooting skills after each match as you gain experience. Players also need time to rest and recover. Look at the parameters of each gun on the screen, grasp and use the right time to achieve the effect. Download StrikeBox mod, try to attack opponents with quality guns.

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