Stormfall: Saga of Survival MOD APK 1.15.0 (Menu/Enemy can't attack)

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NameStormfall: Saga of Survival APK
PublisherPlarium Global Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/Enemy can't attack
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Stormfall: Saga of Survival opens up a dangerous life that you need to fight to survive. The environment is so harsh, the enemies are also constantly coming to attack you. The Stormfall universe is full of mysteries that players need to explore. Facing opponents, blocking all attacks from them. Do everything you can to survive in this area at all costs. You will not have anyone to support, support yourself. Fight and search for food sources to sustain life. Practice skills, show your bravery when living in an environment with thousands of dangerous challenges.

Stormfall Saga of Survival mod

Download Stormfall: Saga of Survival mod – Challenging prehistoric life

Imagine that you live in a place where all forces are against you, how does it feel? Stormfall: Saga of Survival will be an authentic look, letting you experience this life. Do everything alone, against the enemy forces. Live your own life, use magic skills to defeat the opponent. Each location that you move to has different challenges. Living in a prehistoric period with many deprivations must fight against the forces of darkness. The path to finding the light is never easy, requiring strong resilience. Freedom will come when you destroy all enemies, survive by your own ability.

Stormfall Saga of Survival mod free

Before that, you are a powerful lord and betrayed. Circumstances pushed you to go to a foreign land, lonely with no one to accompany him. Set foot in a desolate area with complex and dangerous living conditions. To survive, the only way is to fight and stop all evil forces. Don’t let yourself starve, clem, or be wounded by attacks. Confront the bloodthirsty monsters, protect your life. Adventure to every location, go to war in survival wars. Let’s face difficulties and show bravery right in Stormfall: Saga of Survival!

Stormfall Saga of Survival mod download

Living situation

When you come to the area, you won’t have anything in your hand. The only thing he had was a spear to hunt for food and hunt animals. Food is the way to ensure life and fight energy. Players need to go to nearby areas to collect and store food. As long as there is a lack of food, the god of death will immediately take the life. Make sure you always have food in reserve to eat at any time. Then go cut wood, collect natural resources to create other equipment. Craft axes, knives and more to aid in hunting and building houses. The initial lack and difficulty is also the time to test the patience and endurance of the players. Passing this stage is also a success to go on the next journey.

Stormfall Saga of Survival mod apk

Attack monster

The dense forest is home to a multitude of different animals. Rabbits, deer, cats are pretty gentle and cute, not harmful to you. However, there are quite a few animals to watch out for, they will eat you at any time. Wolves, fierce tigers… will be dangerous forces, ready to declare war on humans in all circumstances. You will have to know how to move, not to be detected by any monsters. Each time they make a noise and reach their area, the player will have to fight. When you successfully destroy a monster, you gain experience points. Accumulating maximum points, the character will also gain more power. Conquer many bosses and gain damage. Destroy all bloodthirsty monsters, do not let them exist.

Stormfall Saga of Survival mod android

Magic world

In addition to fighting for survival, Stormfall: Saga of Survival will let you learn spells. Possesses many fighting skills, how to attack before all enemies. Craft many modern and unique weapons to destroy enemies. Each episode will also create an advantage, increasing the power to fight dangerous bosses. Equip experience, use all-powerful weapons to make every opponent lose. Taming horses to be a means of transportation, quickly fleeing enemies. Create a series of magic combos to destroy enemy forces in every area. Download Stormfall: Saga of Survival mod participates in the prehistoric survival war with many thrilling missions.

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