Stickman War: Battle of Honor 1.0.15 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameStickman War: Battle of Honor APK
PublisherJoi Soft
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The chronicle of the stickman war is always mentioned as an integral part of the game world. And since then, we have a series of games released based on that theme, like Stickman War: Battle of Honor. Once again, you will be the commander of the stickman legion to take over territory across the continent. Build a mighty army for the expeditions that have happened in the past. The talented commander is now you with absolute control of the military. Summon them to fight for you and collect valuable resources. Tactical factors significantly affect each battle of Stickman War: Battle of Honor. Become a true commander.Stickman War Battle of Honor mod

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The essence of Stickman War: Battle of Honor lies entirely in the army section. Players will use the army to fight on their behalf in battles. In the first stage, you only have a single force, melee troops with primitive weapons, after many invasions and attacks on countries. You will gain the strength and civilization of that country to create more vital military forces. Many other diverse warrior classes will appear and increase the probability of victory. However, that alone is not enough to confirm the position of a commander. You must show that you have the talent to lead the army to true victory.

Each battle will consist of 2 main critical stages. The first is the stage of harvesting resources from miners to provide gold to summon army forces. In this phase, the two factions rarely attack each other but only have a few situations to probe the opponent. After obtaining the necessary resources, the battle will enter the second phase. Both factions had a specific force ready to fight. You will launch an attack so that the army automatically rushes towards the enemy base. Remember that you can order the withdrawal of troops to preserve the force. Do it continuously to avoid too much damage depending on the battle situation.

Stickman War Battle of Honor mod apk

Strengthening the army’s strength

The most important thing should always be noticed first. After each win, you will receive a certain amount of money. Use that money to upgrade each of your troops. This also depends on the size and enemy of the next battle will be like. For example, suppose the next enemy will be mostly melee troops. Upgrade your archers and mages to increase their ranged damage. On the contrary, increase the resistance and armor of melee troops to last longer on the battlefield. Each upgrade comes with a power boost or a new skill. You will be shocked by many impressive situations in the upcoming battles.

Stickman War Battle of Honor mod apk free

Explore new continents

The main character’s purpose in Stickman War: Battle of Honor is to increase his power over all territories. So the game’s journey will be to move to all the lands on the continent. Fight and capture the technology and management of many empires. Expand your territory as far as possible. Even the discovery of new continents. That means you will have to face a new, more dangerous enemy. That is what makes Stickman War: Battle of Honor attractive. Explore new lands and use mysterious powers to rule the world. It takes the genius commanding brains from players like you to do that.

Stickman War Battle of Honor mod free

Open secret gifts

After a certain amount of time, the system will give the player a mysterious chest. Inside is a random gift in return for your time in the game. The gift will likely be a new upgrade for the military force. A new skill that makes it effective on decisive battlefields. Other exciting facilities like changing the look of the army. The talismans increase the number of rewards when winning… They are also exciting and worth looking forward to from players. A day with a small surprise will help you have more motivation to strengthen your forces. Complete the mighty empire building more quickly.

Build your empire to become larger and more potent with excellent command and expedition ability. Upgrade your troops to create more power to overwhelm all enemies on the battlefield. Stickman War: Battle of Honor is not for novices; only those who want to invest brainpower can complete it. Download Stickman War: Battle of Honor mod for a challenge to master a vast continent with enemies everywhere.

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