Stickman Survival Combat 5 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameStickman Survival Combat APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Stickman Survival Combat deals consequential damage to the opponent stickman to win the final. Players will be flexible in each way of playing because the terrain changes constantly. The bombardment frequently occurred at the speed of light; the attacks made the opponent cross-eyed. You can fly and jump as far as you want as long as you control the action. With a simple operation, press and hold on the screen, you can manage your stickman. Use appropriate weapons, and take advantage of the situation to expand the path. Win all to bring back valuable rewards. Then, start new game screens, and challenge opponents anytime, anywhere.

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Download Stickman Survival Combat mod – Survive after the fiery battle between stickmen

Stickman Survival Combat sets a goal for players to survive long in each battle. The challenge is still there; the opponent is ready for the harsh times. You will choose a hero who is talented enough to fight, combined with your brilliant strategy. Continually keep your balance in high jumps or long jumps to overcome obstacles. Dodge bombs as well as bullets that the opponent throws. The danger density will thicken with each level you participate in; experience the thrill. Surrounded by fierce enemy invasions, you will not actively fall into disarray; try not to let that happen.

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The pinnacle of stickman fights in stickman battles. You will have a chance to get revenge if you failed in the previous round, but you need to speed it up. You are racing against time to complete the mission and get the perfect score. Only when you win this level will you be allowed to unlock the next level, so it takes a lot of effort. Many battle locations, each discovery is a battle on another front. This is why Stickman Survival Combat attracts a lot of players by the design of the battlefield. Players may have to face many challenges, but that is how you can conquer yourself and have a better position in front of your opponents.

Stickman Survival Combat apk

Experience multiple maps

Stickman Survival Combat creates attractive but equally challenging terrain. The player must move on wooden sticks, sometimes on the ground, sometimes in the air. You must use the screen touches to jump up and cling to the high bars to avoid falling. More problematic is that you must both move and attack the opponent; just ignore that either can be destroyed. Each interface has a different style; you need to unlock each level to feel it. If you survive long on any level, you can explore the entire terrain of that level. Dodge obstacles on the way, and take advantage of every opportunity to attack your opponent.

Stickman Survival Combat mod apk

Thrilling battles

Bombs can make battles more fierce than ever. Players have the right to create that boom to increase attraction. Along the way, there are countless times of butter pipes containing bombs, just touching it and everything will explode. Moreover, guns also made the atmosphere unusually lively. Neither side is willing to give in to anyone; all forces seek revenge on the other side. You have to follow the war’s trails folmust break through. Play tactically to have the best moments with the race, be the hero stick figure that stands out from the crowd, all alone.

Stickman Survival Combat mod

Weapon collection

Stickman Survival Combat lets you explore a weapon system, including bombs and guns. These guns are equipped with extremely powerful gun barrels. The accurate shooting angle has helped you a lot during the battle. You pick up the weapon, choose the most potent ammo and shoot continuously at the opponent. Those non-stop fights also cause your gun to run out of energy. Players need time to expand the function as well as improve the gun. Conquering a collection of weapons from the cheapest to the most expensive will give you more confidence in front of your opponents. Use it as a defensive shield tool and a timely counterattack.

Stickman Survival Combat makes bloody wars between stick people. Usually, you will wear a red shirt; the opponent is yellow or blue. All colors are reunited in the match, and mixing a bit of space makes the game stand out. Enjoy the intense, intensely competitive shadow battle. Confronting harmful people, how will you act, and will there be any results? The answer will be shown through the number of points you win at the end. Download Stickman Survival Combat mod, fight stickman, and top the leaderboard.

Download Stickman Survival Combat MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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