Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK 4.2.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameStickman Rope Hero APK
PublisherNaxeex LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Become a Stickman with extraordinary powers? Stickman Rope Hero is a place for players to be real Stickman. Join the war and show your fighting ability. Find yourself Easter eggs, explore the vast city. Stickman Rope Hero will bring attractive gameplay, taking you to many different missions. Go to every corner of the town and complete the assigned tasks nicely. A Stickman with unique abilities, step into each thrilling battle screen.

Stickman Rope Hero mod

Download Stickman Rope Hero mod – Become a powerful Stickman

Let players be transformed into Stickman characters and do everything they want. Move around the city and collect Easter eggs. Diverse missions are set for players to conquer. Each challenge will also appear and bring in each level of play. Control the character and destroy all enemy forces. A pretty big investment for the game’s image and interface. In addition to the excellent gameplay, the image for the game has also brought attraction to each gamer. Come to the life of a Stickman and go through all the dangers. Face them and quickly overcome all challenges.

Stickman Rope Hero mod apk

Your city is being invaded by enemy forces. You will need to destroy them and not let the town be dominated by the opponent. Fight against evil, extinguish all evil intentions. Stickman Rope Hero will let players show their strength through each attack. Protect the safety of the whole city. The opponents never intended to give up their plots. Players will need struggle effort, attack fiercely. Stickman hero’s life always has difficulties and dangers. You will control him against all the evil opponents. Stop all actions so that the city can be at peace. Enter every battle, complete the noble mission.

Stickman Rope Hero mod download

Using modern means of transport

Assist in combat mobility with a variety of quality vehicles. Your hero can drive any vehicle to perform the attack. Stickman Rope Hero has brought a wide range of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, tanks, and many more. Option to control in each different match. Use the tank and aim at the targets, quickly causing the enemy to receive death. Stickman Rope Hero constantly updates modern means of transport. It not only joins you in the battles, but it also lets players explore every city street. Drive like a superstar with cool styles. At the same time, attack the enemies and do not let them resist.

Stickman Rope Hero mod android

Customize Stickman hero

The warrior that accompanies you is Stickman. It is entirely possible to customize his appearance the way you want. Choose skin colors, suits and change your style every day. With each skin color, the character will have different features. At the beginning of the game, Stickman will be red. Up to the next level, the player has the right to change the color of the hero. Unique costumes, help Stickman always stand out from the crowd. Depending on different moods and circumstances, Stickman will wear different outfits. The mood is happy when wearing a beach suit… The eyes can also change, transforming Stickman’s face with funny expressions.

Stickman Rope Hero mod free

Stickman’s war

You will control him to go to the places where the enemy is concentrated. Defeat all forces to protect your city. The opposing forces are numerous, creating challenges for players. Constantly appearing more and more opponents, dangers will come. Players will need to use additional weapons to be able to resist attacks from enemies. Some weapons will be able to hit targets from a distance. It helps to destroy opponents more thoroughly. Acumen and intelligent fighting will also create many advantages. You will master the battles and show your ability through each level of play. Control the character, perform actions, and dodge counter-attacks quickly. Eliminate all opponents from this city. Download Stickman Rope Hero mod to transform into Stickman hero, destroy enemy forces.

Download Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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