Stickman 3D MOD APK 1.0.6 (Dumb enemy)

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NameStickman 3D APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Stickman 3D participates in a brawl between stickmen, winning against all unfamiliar opponents. Perform stunts to get the big chance, and approach the enemy step by step. Attack fiercely so as not to lose; all your strategies must be accurate. Control the character to go further and destroy many other stick people. You are also involved in a mess in the city, so take them out. The superheroes turn to battle, and you must be decisive in each action. Role plays and fights hard, don’t miss any potential opportunities. Use the ultimate power you collect to defeat them all.

Stickman 3D mod

Download Stickman 3D mod – Fight with stick people in the city

Stickman 3D gives you simple controls; just dodge and counterattack. Gladiators are proving themselves in different ways, and so are you. Each side is fully equipped with weapons, strategies, and sustainable power to fight in prolonged wars. Combat skills still have to improve daily, and you will see improvement with practice. Other forces are also honing their level, and it’s hard to succeed if they don’t keep up with them. The champion in this game is still looking for someone worthy. Will your name be honored? Waiting for the immortal killing screen with sophisticated skills.

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The goal of survival is put first because only when you are alive can you change the situation. Against the invaders, the teams are trying to invade the vast city. An excellent playing field has been established, and it is important how you act to have a stunning performance. The opportunity to become a superhero has never been so easy; just fight and win. All strategies need to be maximized to get the best results. Play on many modes to change the battle atmosphere, and fight independently or collectively. When you press start, stickmen from many sides run over, and the war is officially started, maintaining your most extended life.

Stickman 3D mod apk

Choose a gladiator

Stickman 3D creates many different-looking gladiators for players to experience. Each person has the same look, but the personality will differ; the unique talent is also separate. When you unlock those heroes, you are responsible for their fate. Bring victories every time you go to the arena, and make your warrior stand out from the crowd. Many colors shape the gladiator, which character you can choose from. The unique techniques of each hero need to be discovered in the right way, don’t let talent go to waste. Selecting a hero is also a stepping stone to achieving more success quickly.

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Meet many opponents

Stickman 3D creates a mixed playing field, and anyone can join to gain status. Duel stickman, bad stickman is also one of the stick people you fight. All aim to become superheroes, so they try to win every game. Battle with many opponents, you will know where your level is. Need to come up with a specific and appropriate strategy because the number of enemies is enormous. Which forces to handle first to suit the health status of each player? Attack and proactively defend when needed against aggressive enemies. Travel to multiple maps to meet and fight new ferocious stickmen.

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Weapon improvement

Players can use various weapons or energy boosters to improve the battle. Perform incredible archery stunts or even play bare-handed. Many ways for you to move to the opponent’s place and act with the weapon you equip. Special powers will always be prioritized because their gongs are powerful. Choose a hero with a dragon stick, and add a shield so that you will be well protected. Moreover, getting a lot of bonuses, you should also invest in unlocking new weapons. Attacking with multiple body parts is also a way for you to punish your opponent for changing weapons.

Stickman 3D will be a fierce war with contracts between stick people. Experience on many terrains and directly compete with bosses. The opportunity to expand your talent will be raised to a new level if you actively challenge. Choose a game mode, enter the battle and use all your strength to fight back. Smash your enemies, and kill them one by one so as not to be missed. Join the grand arena and test your survival amidst the overwhelming dangers. Download Stickman 3D mod, become the best stickman fighter, and get the highest position in the rankings.

Download Stickman 3D MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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