Stick War: Legacy MOD APK 2023.3.6 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money, Immortal)

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NameStick War: Legacy APK
PublisherMax Games Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money, Immortal
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Stick War: Legacy is a game for you to come to the world of stick people. Join them to fight and fight the evil enemies. A battle between the stickman and his opponent. Continuously taking place and creating the most fierce battle. Stick War: Legacy opens up a tough battle, the difficulties will have to go through. You will be immersed in that same battle and show off as heroes. The gameplay is simple and brings a lot of drama to the player. Fight and quickly defeat those evil enemies. To assert themselves as well as bring a resounding victory for the whole team.

Fighting games are so familiar to gamers. Stick War: Legacy is one such game. Have you ever imagined that you will rush and kill many opponents at the same time? Stick War: Legacy will let you do that, attack strongly on opponents. Don’t give them a chance to counterattack, causing them to disintegrate quickly. Countless game modes will be brought to you. Various missions and challenges will be provided. Players will have to overcome and complete excellently, eliminating the enemies. Will you make them lose and get many bad consequences? Don’t let their army destroy the base and attack you. Based on your own strength and how to coordinate with your teammates, prove your strength to destroy them.

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Download Stick War: Legacy mod – Battle of stickman heroes

An intense match will be played. Sticky heroes will quickly attack quickly and make the enemy have no way to survive. Join the army and join forces, making them unable to help themselves. Stick War: Legacy is sought after by many gamers, providing an experience with powerful stick people. Confronting large enemy forces, they are also highly resistant. Work together with your army and attack in quick succession. Players will be playing the role of a stickman and show their own fighting power. Force them to give in and quickly win. Will you achieve the goal and make them give up that evil purpose? Strive and overcome all dangers to make them accept death.

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System of quests

Multi-task for players to perform and complete as quickly as possible. With each high level, the task will also be more. Prepare essential weapons and related items. To deal with the evil enemies and a way to avoid their counterattacks. Start with challenges your opponents create. Every day, collect and explore the resources available here. Crafting the necessary items for combat. Mining gold mines and lands to expand your base. Pass each game level easily, defeat them and bring back the rewards. Each mission gives players many challenges. Destroy every object and turn the difficulty that is the driving force to fight.

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Team improvement

Fighting alone will bring more risks and will degrade faster. In particular, the enemy’s army always appears in large numbers. It will be difficult to win alone. Therefore, it will be indispensable for teammates. Players will also need to build a strong squad. Have the will and maximum strength to resist counterattacks from the enemy. Have your own strategy and make a mighty army. Enhance and upgrade the military team with its own fighting style, know how to fight when the enemy destroys. Defend and do not fall for their plots, improving the squad is all talented heroes. Take control and divide into battle teams. Play with each unit and stand up to fight like heroic warriors.

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Kingdom defense strategy

Your kingdom will be the target that they want to loot. What must be done to destroy their intentions? There is no other way but to stand up and run towards the enemy. Use the weapons and kill the entire force. Check all the soldiers and core forces to be able to destroy the entire enemy army. Implemented with the strategy of hitting fast, winning quickly. Kill them one by one, and don’t let them resist. Stop the siege and prevent them from entering the kingdom. Divide the army into defense groups around the base area. Defeat the enemy in each area and then regroup when the enemy army is too large. Make sure to maintain energy until the end of the game, capture all the land to build new bases. Download Stick War: Legacy mod the world of stickman heroes against hateful enemies.

Download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money, Immortal) for Android

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