Stick Hero 2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited skills)

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NameStick Hero APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited skills
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Stick Hero fights with stickman, control it to bring victory in martial arts. You will accompany a warrior, exploiting all the energy they possess. Each person will have their way of fighting, but in the end, they all have to use the power mode available in the collection. You can’t defeat the enemy with anything in hand because they always know how to innovate. Players are competing for little by little, not missing any valuable opportunities. So your goal here is to protect the earth and save the people. It is such a noble mission, let’s play authentically and fight hard to achieve ultimate survival.

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Download Stick Hero mod – Transform the particular stickman hero

The stick people in Stick Hero are in your hands; their fate depends on the player. New skills will be updated regularly; if you accumulate them daily, you will own them. Players perform three skills, from basic to advanced, and finally transform into a stickman to a new level of excellence. It would help if you had a development plan for your warrior, or you will fall back quickly. Control them according to your skills and try to master the buttons on the screen. There is enough built-in to give you extraordinary power and energy, feel free to use what you have. Make your hero explode and shine now.

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Story mode is also turned on, when you enter the role will feel. You immerse yourself in those episodes and see for yourself the majesty of each warrior. The goal is to take your hero to the next level, capable of winning them all. They are fragile stick people but not weak, instead trained in the direction of instinct. You can conquer the hero you own, only then can you bring them to the top. Find every way to win, and get precious loot. Mesmerize with your own and your opponents’ skillful actions, sometimes learning them also collect new moves.

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Unleash in 4 modes

Stick Hero has also created modes including confrontation, tournament, story, and practice. Each mode will take you to a different result, depending on your chosen time. Confrontation means you choose an opponent and fight him directly to find the winner. If you want to challenge yourself more, you should choose tournament mode. This is where you can challenge the strongest warriors in the world, and at the end of the match will know where your position is. Feel each character’s story, accompanying them from the simple to the complex. Victory or defeat also needs practice, this is the time for you to hone your skills as well as restore your health.

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Flexible use of power

Players get victory also thanks to a part of the power brought. It’s new energy, the multi-function control buttons support you. When you use them flexibly, the chances of defeating your opponent are high. Players can punch, kick, and move forward or backward, depending on the situation. Rays of light are unleashed like magic to counter the enemy. Each match has no time limit so that you can fight the strongest. If one of the warriors falls, the match is over. Make the most of your unique energy to deal with dangerous bosses and enemies.

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Customize your warrior

Each warrior will possess different inherent strengths and skills. The distinction comes from the costumes and energy displayed on the screen. Stick Hero created those warriors for you to choose and explore. You must upgrade them and transform them into the most powerful hero. Warriors always need to be ready before throwing themselves into a new battle. After every goal, you collect loot and use those to equip them. Aim for the ultimate goal to apply in your hero so that you will be more motivated. Customize to own the strongest stickman warrior in this universe.

Stick Hero is a competition between warriors, you are in a fierce battle. With simple controls, you can learn by heart after just one playthrough. Players can enjoy moments of tension and suspense when fighting enemies. Choose the best warriors to control. Make explosive tournaments, and show your superiority on all fronts. Rated as the best action game, you need to join it right away. Download Stick Hero mod, and join the conquering journey of stickman warriors.

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