Stick Fight Z Super Hero MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameStick Fight Z Super Hero APK
PublisherDBZ games - Stickman Warriors Burst Limit
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Stick Fight Z Super Hero organizes an equal battle between stick people. You play the role of the hero, and although you do not possess a large body, the ability is very top. You know your opponents, pick and choose from every angle. Players always have their unique game screen that is always hidden, so the opponent does not discover it. Expand your talents across multiple arenas, competing against countless powerful opponents. The most important thing is still the skill of handling situations because you have many choices and then flexibly use each case. Understanding the opponent and hitting the weak point is the best.

Download Stick Fight Z Super Hero mod – Superhero smooth attack

Stick Fight Z Super Hero generates 3000 levels; what do you think about this number? It’s not too big, but it’s true. The battlefields are created with a flexible layout that does not overlap, plus thousands of opponents. You control your character across the mountains to gain momentum to attack. The opponent has prepared themselves with great performances, and that’s you. The matches are active or passive by you; either way it is attractive. Breakthrough skills and special powers will make the game explode in its path. Will you or your opponent grasp the situation better? Let’s wait and see how both of them perform.

The heroes you choose also have their inherent skills. Stick Fight Z Super Hero was created for them but has not been promoted properly. The player is the master who can take over this control, no one else. It would be best to remember that the battle is equally essential; always try every day. You cannot give up halfway because it will affect your score. Challenges constantly open up; you have to face them by all means. You are demonstrating the ability to survive in the most challenging conditions. The heroes were in position, fighting independently to make the match more intense than usual.

Stick Fight Z Super Hero mod 1

Destructive enemy

You have the power, the opponent has, even the skill too. Most wars take place with the equality of both forces. No one gives up, so each match lasts; Stick Fight Z Super Hero has no time limit anymore. As long as one of the two falls first is a failure, everyone wants to win the right to live. The enemy also knows how to launch a surprise attack to scare you, but your hero is no less. When you hit one, the opponent counterattacks one; this turn also shows fairness. With a unique shape, you and your opponent have different and easily recognizable appearances.

Explore the competition space

The battlefields are all hell; Stick Fight Z Super Hero has designed it. You certainly experience each space with different emotions. The common point of these terrains is related to the mountains or the sea of ​​​​fire. This destruction is higher, contributing to a more fierce battle. The rough cliffs, if bumped, also hurt your hero a bit. With the opponent’s acrobatics and soaring, the player is counterattacked, hitting the cliff edge. Standing on the battlefield of the abyss, there is only a reclaimed open space to stand, be careful not to fall unexpectedly.

Stick Fight Z Super Hero 1

Show your burning skill

Stick Fight Z Super Hero installs various energy types in each hero. You know your skill, so you have sought to understand it before. Press and hold the screen for a long time to fly high, then juggle at the opponent. Use moves with dual light to make enemies fly further. The collisions with each other are enough to feel the power that the other party brings, not the medium form. Burning up with skills and upgrading to new heights is within the goal. Try to win at each level to expand the possibility of advancement. Accumulate a variety of breakthrough energies that can be used in difficult situations.

Stick Fight Z Super Hero competes in martial arts as a mentally strong hero. You constantly hone your skills and foundational conditions to stay firmly on the battlefield. The harshness of the terrain is part, but the opponent is ten times more. Balance your talents not to give your enemies a way out. You defeat them as well as yourself by bringing the breakthrough here. Reach the glory quickly, and control the character to overcome all challenges. Download Stick Fight Z Super Hero mod, the best action genre about fighting heroes.

Download Stick Fight Z Super Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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