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The Middle Ages is certainly not strange to anyone who has ever watched Chinese historical films. In Steel And Flesh 2, you will once more join that heroic atmosphere. The main context was 1212, when the Mongols – the powerful leading empire at that time, were coming to increase their power throughout Asia. At the same time, thousands of Crusades flared up in the Middle East. So in that chaos, what will you do? Steel And Flesh 2 lets you decide to join any clan as you wish. Soon, you will ascend to its throne or form another powerful state to rule. The more territories captured, the greater the prestige of the player.

Steel And Flesh 2 mod

Download Steel And Flesh 2 mod – Join the online world war

People often liken Steel And Flesh 2 to an online world war. Twenty medieval-sized states will be arranged on a massive map of the world. Those are all states based on the facts of ancient history. Because of that vastness, the battlefield can occur in any terrain. If in the North, the snow can be many meters thick. If in the South, the hot desert makes the fighting spirit even more boiling. For example, in the highlands, the battlefield will be the mountains. Opponents can use particular terrain to their advantage to trap you. Try applying some of the strategies learned through historical movies to see if they are helpful in Steel And Flesh 2.

Steel And Flesh 2 apk

Players will participate in the battle of their choice to soon own their territories. Do not hesitate, whether in the open field, in the old village, or on the harbor, do not hesitate. If you want to be a king with a voice in the world’s chaos, the more territories you gain, the more advantages you have. You can decide on your status, but that could trigger a large-scale war. Be wary of that essential political decision. Carrying out some business and exchanging land also gives you income to live well. In addition, you can make money from the loot after defeating the sly bandits. Take every opportunity to make the state prosperous.

Steel And Flesh 2 mod apk

Equip armor and weapons for soldiers

Accompanying players in Steel And Flesh 2 are many types of soldiers. For example, it could be a swordsman, an archer, a crossbowman, a spearman, or even the famous knight of the Gypsy. For this force not to be afraid to fight any enemy, you need to equip the right equipment according to your strengths and needs. Unfortunately, due to the large scale of medieval battles, Steel And Flesh 2 also generously lets you use a vast arsenal of weapons. Vast amounts of armor, shields, helmets and combat boots are available for the troops you build. So don’t forget to look for specialized tools such as bows and arrows, crossbows, spears, axes, and swords for your warrior groups.

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Make a large-scale siege

Once you have your first city, what do you need to do to scale up your rule? The neighboring countries then see you as a threat that should be eliminated immediately. So, take the initiative to attack before falling into a passive situation. You can mobilize armed forces to surround the opponent’s fortresses. Use heavy weapons such as rock cranes or guns to make the castle fall. Archers and crossbowmen can take down enemies from a distance. Just like that, entering the citadel and taking over was not too difficult. Kings, kings, and courtiers soon had to give up with a sigh. Then you will be honored as the new leader of many kingdoms combined.

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Customize your character

The Steel And Flesh 2 character that you own will be built and developed by you. There are five essential skills to help you determine how you appear on this journey. Strong or agile? Smart or hardworking? What about attractive? Try to weigh in and create an outstanding king that deserves to be recorded in history. In addition, there are 30 skills on the sidelines to help you complete the task, follow and improve them day by day. In case some skills are out of reach, it’s okay. You have the right to find a companion to help you take on specific responsibilities. The tavern is the perfect place to meet heroes and pay attention.

The appearance of medieval historical elements will surely excite you with Steel And Flesh 2. Commanding more than 300 soldiers to participate in the battle is very heroic. Conducting the Crusade and making a profit will be the key to making your kingdom famous worldwide. What will the world order look like after your participation? It’s time to apply what you’ve seen in historical dramas to this epic online battle. O king, Steel And Flesh 2 mod is waiting for you to come and conquer.

Download Steel And Flesh 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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