State Takeover MOD APK 2.0.0 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money)

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NameState Takeover APK
PublisherHBVD studio
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Indulge your passions with games that use intelligence to entertain. State Takeover is a popular video game that is extremely popular on the game market. Immerse yourself in a world full of different colours. The plots are printed with the colours corresponding to the sentinels. The soldiers will stand to guard the towers of the land of that colour. Ask the game players to use the latent intelligence in the player’s brain. Extremely simple, colourful battles are brought for players to experience. State Takeover is a straightforward and highly entertaining game. The colours are carried by the lands and represented in a tall, carefully guarded tower to prevent the enemy from changing colour.

State Takeover

Download State Takeover mod – Capture colourful towers

Use intelligent thinking inside the super brain of the game player himself. State Takeover offers the experience of moving soldiers back and forth to conquer lands. Tough battles are simply by simple manipulations of colour change. Time will gradually pass, and the players need to be highly concentrated. Drag through migrations that take over tall towers and colour them. Let your chosen name and colour spread throughout the lands in the game. State Takeover brings fun and novelty with colours that are constantly changing back and forth. Intelligence is applied to highly entertaining video game levels.

State Takeover mod apk free

Try to move quickly and capture the opponent’s lands. Seize the opportunity when the opponent has moved to attack other areas of the game. State Takeover is built to provide pure entertainment for game players. Since then, the game players can promote the full ability to interact with the character. Go collect soldier characters to fight for your colour tower. And from there, the number of soldiers of the player’s colour occupies the lands. Make the colour of your chosen gamer take over the space in this exciting and mind-challenging State Takeover game.

Simple battle

Simple battles are built into the game State Takeover. It’s not the intense fighting or gore battles like in other fighting genre games on the market. You control the number of your colour warriors moving back and forth. Manipulate the navigation to make it suitable for the player’s soldiers to carry. Assemble your army of game players in as many numbers as possible. Conquer with a large army of the same colour chosen. It’s simple with fighting methods that don’t require too many manipulation skills. Move the battle characters through the lands to capture towers of different colours from the State Takeover player’s own.

State Takeover mod android

New colourful lands

The game screen gives players the experience of colourful lands. State Takeover will have bright grounds on one level. Turn the basis of the game player’s colour to cover and transform the colour of other lands. Move to conquer the lands of different unique colours. The further you go in the game, the more difficult it gets. Tall towers are placed in the centre of the area representing that colour. Many buildings appear continuously over time in the game State Takeover. Grab all the coloured turrets or get the most in a timed time frame in this fun arcade game.

State Takeover mod apk

Magnet and battery support

If you find it difficult, the game players can use the support. State Takeover gives the game players two support. First, use the best possible support to take over the colourful lands. Summoner spells all have a specific cooldown. So please choose the right time to use them as optimally as possible. Magnets will help game players own more colour warriors. Finally, the battery can help the game player speed up the moving soldiers even more for a short period.

State Takeover mod

Use innovative thinking to break the game screen extremely attractive. State Takeover requires players to make optimal use of movements. Make the player’s land the same specific colour selected. Download the State Takeover mod to collect a lot of soldiers fighting and encroaching on different coloured lands nearby in the game.

Download State Takeover MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money) for Android

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