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The game market is currently exploding with countless launches. Players will choose one or more products they like depending on their preferences and needs. The typical game episodes often mentioned, such as action, strategy, robot, and tower defense… are all too familiar. To complete those games well, you also need a lot of stress and suspense. Today, I would like to suggest to you a very light entertainment. It’s Stack Ball – the perfect game to relax. You don’t have to think about characters, tactics, weapons, or enemy troops. Stack Ball only requires you to master your ball.

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Download Stack Ball mod – Break the spiral floors

Stack Ball’s interface is as simple as its gameplay. In the center of the screen is a round white pillar. It was filled and covered with sturdy brick rings. The ball that Stack Ball gives you is on the top floor. Your simple task is to help the ball fall to the base of this column. The ball will continuously bounce up and down like a rubber ball. It also leaves paint stains every time it touches a specific tile floor. At the same time, the ball only hits hard to break bricks when the player touches the screen. At that moment, you will see the eye-catching brick-breaking performance performed by that small sphere. Accompanied by a perfect sound.

Stack Ball mod apk

To increase the variety, the producer Casual Azur Games has dramatically changed the design of the brick floors. Depending on the level the player achieves, the shape and color of the brick floors are also different. Sometimes they are circles, squares, hexagons, or flat pentagons with a hole in the center of the pillar. Sometimes, the brick floor is shaped like a flower with soft petals. Many sharp spikes accompany many cases on the outside. If you pay attention, you will see at the top of the screen a horizontal bar with two adjacent natural numbers. That is the bar to measure the progress of your task completion. The left end is the level passed, and the right is the level about to be reached.

Stack Ball apk

Avoid obstacles

Usually, the ball in the Stack Ball is capable of breaking effortless brick floors. But that’s just the case with colored bricks. The obstacle lies in the black bricks. While the color of the shadow, the brick floor, changes according to the level, the block remains the original black color. This color clearly shows its hardness. If the player touches the screen while the ball hits the black brick, you must stop the race here. Therefore, you have to choose the most intelligent touch tactic. For example, when the ball is on the blue, red, or yellow brick, speed up to move quickly to break the floors continuously. And when the ball bounces on the black brick, pause for a moment and wait for the next attacking opportunity.

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Super fireball

However, the black bricks are not immortal in Stack Ball. There is still a way for you to go through them without stopping or hesitating. That’s because the fireball has super powers. In essence, it is still your original ball but with an additional layer of burning fire surrounding it. This fire is born because you continuously pass many rounds of bricks without pausing. When there is a fireball, confidently hold the screen until it reaches the bottom because nothing can stop it. Indeed, it is a helpful tool for players to score new records in Stack Ball. The number of points you gain in each turn and the record score will be compared every time you lose at a certain level.

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Increasing difficulty

Can fireball make the game in Stack Ball easy, right? But getting it is not easy. At high levels, many confounding factors make it impossible to eat dozens of bricks simultaneously. Specifically, black bricks occupy more of each floor instead of the mainstream of green and red bricks. In addition, they do not line up but alternate very confused. You could only destroy a few single rows of bricks at that time with one touch. The marked increase in the number of pauses is not difficult to understand. At the same time, the pillar also rotates at a much faster speed. Therefore, the touch operation must be fast before the ball hits the black brick and breaks.

Tap-to-play games are always super simple to play and still give us the entertainment we want. Stack Ball is no exception. Although the layout and rules are simple, it still attracts millions of downloads. Firstly, Stack Ball helps you practice flexibility and agility for finger movements. Second, the interface is simple, but the motion is extremely smooth, creating indescribable comfort. Download Stack Ball mod and experience this super fun 3D video game.

Download Stack Ball MOD APK (Free rewards) for Android

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