Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter MOD APK 1.13 (High reward)

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NameSpace Invaders: Galaxy Shooter APK
PublisherOK Games
MOD FeaturesHigh reward
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter controls a spaceship, shooting guns to save the planet. You will perform the ultimate battle between fierce counterattacks from the opponent. Space machines are attacking each other for a place on this earth. You can’t get rid of it, and it’s time to meet your opponent and tackle the boss. As an experienced pilot, you will be proficient in adjusting the spacecraft; just glide smoothly on the screen. Galaxies are being invaded by enemies, and cosmic signals send to you and ask for help. Unable to let the beautiful planet fall into opponents’ hands, you must act in time.

Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter mod apk

Download Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter mod – Carry out a campaign to protect the planet

The aliens are trying to invade the earth and want to dominate here. You don’t let that happen quickly; you have to trust that conspiracy as a team member that pprotectingorld. They also have their spacecraft steered to fire bullets to your location. The State calls for your cooperation, wishing the planet to be saved as soon as possible. So you have to prove that you have the talent, the level to destroy the superior opponent. When you win, those who trust you show themselves that the decision was correct. Enjoy the classic battle space and extreme lighting effects for you to experience.

Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter mod

These campaigns happen whenever you are ready to hit start. Originally minions of tycoons come to you, socializing through war. Once you’ve solved the mess just now, you begin your quest to face the mighty bosses directly. Their discharges make you surprised; the amount of bullets is released continuously. The playing space is narrow on your screen, and there is not much space for you to fight comfortably. Players need to dodge enemy attacks successfully. Move smoothly, and keep your ship safe in any situation. You can collect your life to increase the challenge.

Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter android

Upgrade and develop a spaceship

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter is fully equipped with a weapon system for players to choose from. You can have unique spaceships with modern elements embedded in them. To control them quickly, you need to understand how they work. Besides conquering notable spaceships, you also need to strengthen them. With many upgrades and evolution will give a new look. You replenish combat energy by reloading ammo, increasing poison speed, and doubling the original ammo. Add two accessories to support both sides to perform large-scale shooting, thus defeating aggressive monsters.

Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter apk free

Massive enemies

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter gives you experience with many different enemies. Each monster will have other properties and give you a sense of sublimation when fighting. If it is easy to conquer, you can’t go far, and you have to meet bosses to understand your level, from mediocre aliens to more advanced machines to boss bosses. Enemy forces are also gradually upgraded, so they actively improve their strength. Each person has a unique appearance and attack power, depending on the case that you have a suitable strategy. Destroy all enemies in the shortest time, and you will complete the mission.

Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter apk

Daily quests

The variety of missions in Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter will delight you. In addition to the main job being to destroy monsters, you should also participate in the lucky wheel. This is the time for you to conquer the rewards that the game has created. A way to receive gifts but extremely quality when participating in battle. Many aircraft types are produced, just waiting for you to conquer every day. With the mode from easy, medium to stern, the challenges created can experience. Legendary gunships are also included in some of the bonuses that you can unlock. Search for superpowers through special rounds or spins of luck.

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter begins an adventurous exploration with unexpected monsters. Many games were created, and the enemy forces were prepared. The playing space will depend on your decision; choosing a beautiful screen is also a beautiful thing. Face tons of enemies, and overcome all difficulties to reach the finish line safely. The fate of the earth is in your hands, do everything to make this world peaceful. Control reconnaissance aircraft and guide bullets with extraordinary power to counter enemy attacks. Download Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter mod, and become the savior of the planet in the galaxy.

Download Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter MOD APK (High reward) for Android

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