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The exploration of each planet in outer space is not simple. Space Colony will tell you how complex this project is. Take players to planets without any life. You will have to mine it to find essential ores and materials used in production. At the same time, it is possible to create a lot of devices. They all serve the development process on each planet you are assigned. Own many designs of unique machines. Space Colony brings the mission of space exploration and planet mining to each player. They will have to work and mobilize production machinery continuously. No time limit on your experience.

Space Colony mod

Download Space Colony mod – Create an era on planets in the universe

The beginning of the Space Colony is a planet anywhere in the universe. You are a new astronaut to come here and take your first steps. We have some rudimentary equipment for bare mining minerals. They are suitable materials for making many different types of machines. All machines will accompany you during the development of the facility. The place where you start the project will be considered your territory. From there, we expand them and continue to create many new modern machines. Through many stages, buildings will be built. Serve more mining and production operations at higher speeds.

Space Colony mod apk

Many separate projects

Like a city, the variety of buildings in the Space Colony is evident as you expand the land and earn new materials. First, you have to mine minerals. Then crafting into materials. Finally, combine the materials to create an entirely new device. Nuclear reactors are portals that teleport from one location to another. A place to store rare minerals and crystals. The repository is always complete and in need of further expansion. Your time is plenty, so there is no need to rush. First, make sure every device you have is working correctly and efficiently. Only then can we expand and develop them more modern.

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Crafting a means of transportation

The more your territory is expanded, the longer it will take you to move around and explore the entire area. Modern means of transportation are the solution to reduce time. We have specialized truck models to move around the planets. Their systems are modern and much more advanced than ordinary vehicles. Many truck models have prices depending on the size and equipment attached. Vehicles with antennas will help you recognize job completion notifications more quickly. Trucks with storage systems automatically collect minerals in the mines as they pass. You will need a lot of trucks to do your job on the planet.

Space Colony mod free

Collect important finance

Money is an essential thing wherever you are. But, of course, it’s the same on another planet. Players need to have enough money to unlock many buildings. Buildings are significant in managing the number of resources you earn. Each project or vehicle has a reasonable price. Based on your resource harvesting speed and the gold coins around the territory. Combine to create sufficient money to buy equipment and build buildings. Also, performing missions helps you get big money and burn the stage. Most of you will use the money to develop the planet with modern technologies.

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Continue on the new planet

You’ve accomplished nearly every technology and gadget on your planet. So what else can keep you in this game? Those will be other planets that are unlocked as soon as you have reached a certain level of science. The planetary system in the Space Colony is quite diverse, with all materials and climates. You can see them in different colors. And, of course, the surface of these planets will also be different. That entails the diversity and abundance of mineral resources. Craft more new equipment and buildings. Players do not get bored when having to operate with standard technology. On the contrary, they have more creative freedom.

Each planet offers specific characteristics regarding its surface, climate, and minerals. As a lone astronaut, you are the hope of these planets. So let’s produce and craft new technologies suitable for the planets. Space Colony offers you a wide range of sci-fi content you can’t afford to miss.

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