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After a prolonged period of stagnation caused by the covid-19 epidemic, 2022 seems to be a boom year for all sectors. Game manufacturers also take advantage of this time to launch entertainment products that have been cherished for a long time. Soul Hook is one such case. This game is produced by SONJ company. Although SONJ is not too famous, nor does it have many hit titles, Soul Hook has helped it to have a strong position in the market. Coming to Soul Hook, players enjoy the feeling of real combat instead of boring idle or automatic. This is the ideal stopover for those wishing to participate in true epic battles. Won’t you miss it?

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Download Soul Hook mod – Experience three separate game modes

More than entertainment, Soul Hook provides a space for you to demonstrate your skills. In this game, players are shown the ultimate gaming ability. Because, if you don’t really pay attention, you can hardly overcome the opponents at Soul Hook. Soul Hook is designed according to the RPG battle motif and is developed in 3 interesting game modes. Discover which mode you like best. First, learn about the “Around the world” mode. Here, you will participate in teams that are challenged in a random form. By capturing all enemies, you and your teammates will win. This mode is interesting in that the male team generates randomly, bringing many surprises and new things.

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The next mode to mention is “1 vs All”. Here, the amount of work that you need to do is more than doubled. Because, only you alone face a large army of enemies. Therefore, “1 vs All” requires players to take advantage of all skills to be able to collect all the souls of the opponent. The final mode is called “Team Versus”. It’s still a team form but it’s not the same as “Around the world”. With “Team Versus”, players need to get the highest score for their teammates. Victory will be decided based on the number of points that the playing teams have won. In general, with all 3 levels, Soul Hook promises interesting things to bring to you.

Soul Hook mod apk

Collect awesome heroes

To confidently face a large army of enemies, have great heroes in your squad. In Soul Hook, many mysterious new heroes have come to light. For example, you can meet Death – who has the appearance of a scary god of death. He has long wings and cold eyes. Death’s combat ability and speed reached near maximum. Therefore, it would be no exaggeration to say that Death is one of the most powerful heroes in Soul Hook. In addition, Bigman is also a respectable character. He has the appearance of a giant like a giant. Bigman’s attack ability is on par with Death’s, just slightly slower.

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Complete the mission in each level

After holding the heroes in hand, start sending them into battle. At Soul Hook, you will control mighty generals to conquer all enemies. Thanks to that, you will become the holder of the souls of all the monsters in the world. Each hero will have a different weapon. Such as. Death has a long sword and White Bear has a giant hammer. When fighting, the generals just need to swing their weapons towards the enemy to catch them with the chain. The most difficult point at Soul Hook is the ability to skillfully control. You must correctly guess the direction of the enemy’s movement to bring the weapon to the right target. Soul Hook has a direction bar to help you do that.

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Follow the thrilling leaderboard

Most of the matches at Soul Hook are designed on the same map. In the middle there is a large canal, you and your opponent will be on either side. Every time a person is caught, the score will immediately be updated in the center of the screen. Moreover, Soul Hook also has a leaderboard for players to compete with each other. In a battle with many opponents, you need to pay attention to avoid hurting your teammates by mistake. At the same time, besides attacking the opponents on the other side of the canal, do not forget to defend yourself and defend yourself. In Soul Hook, you need to move flexibly to avoid being caught by your opponent causing the match to end. Soul Hook allows respawn but not many turns.

Soul Hook is a great fighting game for those who love the classic Moba RPG genre. The combat operations here are simple and easy to play even for children. However, to achieve high accuracy in each blow, you need to adjust the direction of the attack properly. There is nothing better than being able to capture the souls of monsters with your teammates around the world. Download Soul Hook mod and become a soul holder.

Download Soul Hook MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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