Shark Blast 0.9.81 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameShark Blast APK
PublisherBaby Shark Games Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Shark Blast masters colorful squares, you need to destroy tiles of the same color. The cells have been arranged into position, your job is to drag the cells of the same color together. It doesn’t require the same horizontal or vertical lines; you can connect them in an unbroken line. Simple operation but quickly receives breakthrough power results. You will use these energies to break blocks at will. Blue, yellow, pink, or purple are the juxtaposed colors that d be best if you had a strategy when connecting the tiles to achieve the game goal given at the beginning.

Shark Blast mod

Download Shark Blast mod – Solve jigsaw puzzles

Shark Blast has many levels for you to perform tasks; everyone who wins this turn will open a new story immediately. The player successfully overcomes the puzzle’s challenges, thinking about the square seams. You must pay attention to the tiles because the game limits your moves. For example, if you have about 20 operations, in those 20 turns, you have to connect cells of the same color to get the highest score. If you use all the turns in a level and still do not meet the requirements given, you are considered to have failed. With the first turn, getting high scores is simple but straightforward. Gradually increase the difficulty level; playing star,tegy is extremely important.

Shark Blast

Going to the new screen will appear obstacles. If you connect the same tiles, you will break them in turn. Players try to get the most extended ramp, so more energy items will come to support you. The ranks of Shark Blast have not announced specific number limits; you can rest assured of conquering in the long run. Players choose any color they want to smash; connect from top to bottom. Each episode will bring new fun and encounter more types of power to conquer. So, eat these blocks with the sharks and top the score leaderboard.

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Various types of power

Only long stretches are required to ensure that you receive power energy immediately. This breakout breaks the first block turn, opening a new playing field but still on the same level. Or smash the obstacles that have been arranged in the whole block. Missiles and colored balls can all support you to the fullest. If you want to use any power, you need to press on them, or they can explode automatically. If there is a large enough number of cells of the same color, it will spontaneously develop its ability. Use it at the right time to avoid wasting this precious resource. But don’t be too frugal, but the turn is over, and the powers have not been released.

Shark Blast mod apk

Treasure unlock

The coins are essential to each player; it helps you buy more things. Even powers you can buy right in the store without waiting to play in person. A whole pot of gold is waiting for you to hunt; it brings money to you. Then the magic hammer and the sharp hook are all tools used to smash. Players can use the items they collect on the game screen. In particular, you do not have a complete connection to use those tools in a very secretive game. After each excellent win, you can open them and enjoy. The number of valuable items keeps increasing, creating a good foundation for you to attack.

Shark Blast apk

Accomplish the goal

Shark Blast creates levels, challenging each other at the goal. The items to be harvested are displayed on the screen in the same row as the level and the number of plays. The request is in the middle box; by all means, you must achieve it. It is possible to ask for three rushes, ten fish, or a certain number of points. A series of challenges are opened, and each round is a different requirement. Based on those goals, the player has the correct steps. Matching the tiles must involve reaching the above objectives located right in the block you play. Please quickly meet the requirements and get three stars for the score.

Shark Blast transforms colorful squares, creating great construction lines. Go as long as possible, achieve a high score, and break quickly. The arrangement of cells is different; all is random. It is this that helps players enjoy many separate levels. In a challenging system, the stories keep increasing in difficulty. Unlimited, endless fun is coming; you will feel it yourself. You also grow your agility through adventure puzzles. Download Shark Blast mod, and combine tiles of the same color in a continuous line without interruption.

Download Shark Blast MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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