Shadow Hero: City Fighter MOD APK 1.29.0 (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy)

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NameShadow Hero: City Fighter APK
PublisherSuperhero Academy
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Shadow Hero: City Fighter is held in a city full of criminals, and you are the superhero who comes to save the world. Enemies surround every nook and cranny, and you and the enemy have no way out. Potential challenges can arise whenever they want, all created by criminals. The increasing pressure makes catching up difficult, but you have to get used to it. No one can help you now; the army or the police are corrupt. The biggest motivation right now is just trying; only you can do it. The situation can change when you do your best, gradually eliminating the wicked.

Shadow Hero City Fighter apk

Download Shadow Hero: City Fighter mod – Become a super fighting hero

The city has been turned upside down; your late arrival may plunge into darkness. Significant challenges don’t spare anyone, so don’t expect Shadow Hero: City Fighter to be gentle with you. The high intensity of the competition will increase the sudden resistance, making it more difficult for you to move quickly. There will be opportunities as long as you fight hard despite the dangers. You are constantly experimenting with new tricks to find the truth of life. You have complete control over the character, so feel free to attack, no matter what. If you haven’t tried it, how do you know the enemy’s level of certainty?

A superspeed hero will focus on movement speed. Shadow Hero: City Fighter is a resistance revolution made on the streets. On the road, buildings or even the alleys can not escape. You are being put in a difficult position, so there is no turning back. They can only hold the gun and move to the gathering place to handle the other criminals. Show your talent with excellent skills and successfully control criminals. You act on behalf of the police to arrest them; speeding up quickly will not be in time. If you do not deal with it now, you are also engulfed in a sea of fire and darkness.

Unlock abilities

The ability of superheroes is significantly improved if you learn to accumulate experience. Such a vast blockbuster cannot be without top-notch moves. Flying skills and jumping from above also need to be used safely. Your life is not a joke; when you destroy it, the world will fall into an apocalypse. Your presence is a unique combination of hero spider and iron man. The villains are thugs, ready to do anything to invade the earth. You need to unlock the skill collection of Shadow Hero: City Fighter and use it expertly.

Shadow Hero City Fighter mod

Use a pistol

In this contest, to win must have a smooth combination of skills and weapons. Players can use pistols and katana to serve the purpose of combat. Shoot fiercely at the enemy; they need to lie down before destroying you. The power of the gun can kill criminals instantly and constantly attack, so they have no way to escape. The guns can also be upgraded in your way. Every victory is thanks to your skillful control. The character combines waves of fast combat, gliding over the opponent’s face and causing the enemy to collapse when hit by the hero’s gun.

Crime rate soars

They have brought with them evil purposes to take over the whole city. Only an increase in the number can be met to complete the goal quickly. It is this that crime is constantly increasing, breaking the quiet atmosphere of the city. Quickly save the world to avoid the apocalypse. They can attack you from many different directions without warning. Strike back or directly in front, not only with a kick but also with a gun to shoot fierce battles. The enemy has not given you a way to escape; you must do the same. Please don’t delay making a decision; let’s speed up the fight.

Shadow Hero: City Fighte brings a tense atmosphere, no longer the bustle of the vibrant city. The sound of vehicles has also been muted, replaced by the never-ending battles of criminals with superheroes. You control your characters, making them the best warrior. Epic superpowers are getting bigger and bigger, and you have more skills to conquer. Fast forward to bigger goals, and complete the mission quickly. Trying to reach the weak point of the criminal and destroy the first time is possible to succeed. Download Shadow Hero: City Fighter mod, and play as a superhero to save the city from danger.

Download Shadow Hero: City Fighter MOD APK (Unlimited money/Dumb enemy) for Android

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