SF: Idle Merge Tycoon 5.0.0 MOD APK (Unlimited resources)

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NameSF: Idle Merge Tycoon APK
PublisherMagic and Robots Idle Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited resources
SupportAndroid 10+
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Where there is enmity, there will be war. However, have you ever thought of a war beyond the boundaries of the earth? If this question makes you skeptical, let SF: Idle Merge Tycoon be the proof. The game produced by Magic and Robots Idle Games will take you out to the shimmering galaxy. Darkness is interspersed with stars, and many quests are waiting for you. This is a new game launched in March 2021 and received a lot of positive reviews. It’s for all ages, so you don’t have to worry about violence or horror. So let’s explore the memorable battles right now.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon mod

Download SF: Idle Merge Tycoon mod – Challenge in fusion strategy

SF: Idle Merge Tycoon allows players to manage a fleet of spaceships. You will be the one to control, upgrade, improve and perform all tasks related to them. The most memorable thing is that the ships in SF: Idle Merge Tycoon, can merge. When fighting, you can see them take on different colors. In addition, the back of each ship will be marked with a number. Players can merge ships of the same number to upgrade them, creating new, more powerful ships. The merging process of SF: Idle Merge Tycoon is straightforward. Any operation can be done within 3 seconds. So you need to touch to perform the merge between the two ships.

After merging ships, the player needs to take one more step. That is, choose the skill to set up your battleship. Each combat skill will have different strengths and weaknesses. It would be best if you made the right choice for your situation. After merging, the player can continue to build new ships and repeat the process as above. The higher the level of the ships, the more damage, and destruction they possess. Usually, they still automatically release bullets in idle mode. However, if you want them to shoot faster, click on your ships. Completed tasks will bring you many valuable rewards.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon mod apk

Discover new weapons

The ships in SF: Idle Merge Tycoon all need weapons to fight. In this game, you will get to know two groups of weapons. It’s a permanent weapon and an instant weapon. Permanent weapons will accompany you throughout the journey. However, instant weapons are only effective for a limited time. Therefore, discover many new weapons to diversify your arsenal. These weapons can also be upgraded to maximize their abilities. Some weapons are unlocked at different levels. Also, there is another way to get more weapons. You can earn weapons as well as currency in idle mode.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon android

Defeat the boss

Your opponents in SF: Idle Merge Tycoon are the bosses that reign in space. They are no different from giant machines from the future. Because the size of the boss can be equal to dozens of airships combined. In terms of ability, bosses are not inferior to any monster. Therefore, you and your fleet must try to destroy the boss as quickly as possible. Using available skills and upgrades will help you crush your enemies. That’s the only way for the player to become a space tycoon. Some bonuses can help you improve your experience. Don’t miss them. Completing every quest will get your rewards from SF: Idle Merge Tycoon.

SF Idle Merge Tycoon apk free

Gather a team of experts

Contributing to supporting players in SF: Idle Merge Tycoon is a crew. To be able to operate the machines efficiently, you need to train your team to be experts in the aerospace field. Upgrading their capabilities is one way to improve the overall capacity of the entire aircraft. Because they will help you control the ships in idle mode. At the same time, SF: Idle Merge Tycoon allows players to explore many new worlds. It will help you have a better overview of the universe. Moreover, the more bosses you defeat, the more you prove your ability. So keep trying and beating your records day by day.

SF: Idle Merge Tycoon is the exciting strategy game of the 21st century. It is set in a vast and mysterious cosmic space. Huge bosses and challenging quests are waiting for you there. Let’s use the battleship and your team to come and quell the rebellion here right now. Experience in SF: Idle Merge Tycoon satisfies both the image and the sound for you. Download SF: Idle Merge Tycoon mod and merge flying battleships.

Download SF: Idle Merge Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited resources) for Android

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