Sephiruth MOD APK 513 (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier/God mode)

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NameSephiruth APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defence multiplier/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The world could be threatened with things that shouldn’t exist like Sephiruth’s. That is the evil force that is increasingly encroaching on the holy lands. The warriors ordered to go to war are those who carry the mission of purifying the world. Repel and completely destroy the shadows before they completely regenerate. This will not be so easy because extremely powerful minions are dominating. They will be a big threat that you and your team need to confront. Do everything to bring supreme light to the vast land. Do not allow any encroachment to take place. Do not allow the peace to be broken in any way. What should be done will need to be implemented to the fullest extent.

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The act of fighting with a real way is the way Sephiruth chooses. Although it is only a 2D style, it has a lot of quality cool effects. Brings explosive fighting emotions in each tense confrontation. The way you fight the enemy shows strong spirit. Release all pressure on the enemies you aim at. Feel the fantasy world with lots of interesting characters. Makes me feel like I’m living freely in it. Powers and powers that cannot be possessed in real life exist in this. Fight with good ideals and persevere for high achievement. Create the positive transformation of an unexpected passage.

With this utopian war, you must confront evil forces. Lead a team of warriors of powerful characters. But you can only choose to control an individual in your team. Control rights can be changed at any time. Aim at the enemies in front of you and destroy them all. Find the boss behind the game and destroy him. When the last one falls, you have succeeded. Just take the reward you deserve and leave that dangerous place. Later, the battles will gradually increase the difficulty. It is also a condition for you to strengthen their strength.

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Weapon Search

A huge collection of weapons will include legendary holy swords. Any character on your team has the ability to use them. With these weapons, their attributes will be distinguished by the available color. The lowest is the normal sword and the highest is the legendary sword. Extremely rare swords can only be found after the boss is defeated. Or you can also choose the optimal way is the wheel of fortune. Opening chests is also an option for those who like surprises. The rate of legendary swords is low, but the effect is not. Give the character an optimal source of power with a higher number of stars. Upgrade swords to maximize their actual potential.

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Extra equipment

While swords are the main search target, extra equipment should also be provided. They enhance many of the basic stats required of each warrior. From defense, attack, life points, attack speed and skill power. You have a total of six equipment slots that the hero has. Jewelry, armor, helmets, shoes and gloves can be attached. Build enough of a suit to give the hero a great advantage. These auxiliary equipment also have the same properties as swords. In addition, the number of stars is the floors where the equipment is forged. Just spend the accumulated money and boost up to the level you want. The maximum number of stars will be the maximum potential the item can reach.

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Confronting stress

We have dozens of quests connected together like a map. It clearly shows the journey of heroes from one place to another. Create multiple major chapters for each passing major challenge. Their goal is to reach the castle of darkness. Where the crazy followers of the devil are preparing. They create a large fence with strong guards. In the decisive levels at the end of the chapter, we will have to destroy them. Bosses possess a huge amount of life points. Along with that is the discomfort and the huge amount of damage. Cause you loads of trouble if you don’t have enough stopping power.

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There is nothing to criticize for this fantasy masterpiece with great potential. No does not limit how you play and build your squad. Play creatively with the tactics offered in equipment and stats. Build infinite amount of power to get stronger and stronger. A fascinating and transformative story is waiting for you to find out. Great events with good deals is a good choice. Let Sephiruth mod bring a vision beyond the trivial things that life brings to humanity asymptotically.

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