Scary Neighbour MOD APK 0.4.5 (Dumb enemy)

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NameScary Neighbour APK
PublisherABI Global LTD
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Scary Neighbor is a fun game where you will play bad next-door neighbor. The humor in the gameplay has brought laughter to gamers. You will be playing tricks, doing everything to tease your neighbors. Confronted with a big fat guy, the player must do all the tricks to achieve the goal. Set up traps to deceive the neighbor, causing him to fall into a situation of half crying, half laughing. At the same time, do not let the neighbors find out what you have done, run away quickly. Each open game screen will let you show off your skills and experience all the attractive game modes.

Scary Neighbour mod

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The game is like hide-and-seek with many dramatic developments. The player will start to sneak into the neighbor’s house and stir up his house. Damaged furniture, set many traps for the fat guy to get caught in. How to play is easy and brings high entertainment to gamers. You also do not need to overthink when performing the task. The speed of running away needs to be fast so as not to be detected by the landlord. If you get caught by him, everything will be over. Therefore, try to finish before he walks out. Enjoy the feeling of joy when you see your neighbors fooled by your own actions.

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Transform into a naughty boy who likes to tease others. The goal you are aiming for is the house next door. Pay attention to observing and choosing the most appropriate time to achieve the set goal. Your neighbor is a rather difficult fat guy, and he will handle it mercilessly if he catches your hand. The indescribable joy of angering others is the emotion of playing Scary Neighborhood. Defend yourself, so you don’t get caught, progress to every next level. The difficulty will also increase, requiring players to have top-notch skills. Overcome challenges, relieve all stress through each game.

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Implement traps

Once you have entered the neighbor’s house, you need to take immediate action. Follow the plan prepared in advance, escape when seeing the owner. You can damage the furniture, burn the utensils in the kitchen… Every time you make the fat guy angry, fall into the trap, you have succeeded. Go to every corner of the house, complete the conspiracy before the neighbor shows up. Setting traps will be more difficult, requiring agility and handling all situations. Make the fat guy collapse on the chair break his leg, burn the pan while cooking… Come up with enough jokes to make the fat guy mad. Also, watch all the time to find a safe exit when completing the mission.

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In addition to the fun times when seeing the neighbor trapped in a trap, it is also difficult for players to escape from his embrace. There will be a dog in the neighbor’s house. It is also the object that the player needs to pay attention to, do not let it bark. As soon as the dog barks, the fat guy will immediately run out and punish you mercilessly. After being pranked many times, neighbors will also pay attention and stalk to catch the object of sneaking into the house. Therefore, everything needs to be done gently, without making any noise. Run at a fast speed so as not to be caught when detected. The rage will reach its climax when the landlord sees you in his hand, ready to beat you to vent his anger. If you don’t want that to happen, do everything in silence.

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Character appearance

Characters are shown in beautiful costumes. You can customize the character’s costumes and accessories as you like. The naughty guy’s transformation shows up with the most prominent image. Wear glasses, a hat, and use whatever accessories you want to show off your super-cool style. In addition, it is also necessary to collect equipment during the game. It will give him special skills like running fast, stealth using flash, and much more. Control the character to move, perform the plot to make the neighbor angry. Download Scary Neighbor mod and enjoy the joy of teasing the next-door neighbor.

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