RPG Onigo Hunter MOD APK 1.1.3g (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked)

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NameRPG Onigo Hunter APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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The world of magic and swords is back with the brand-new Onigo Hunter RPG. Players will once again experience fantasy battles with many mystical creatures. Essential roles and professions once again affirmed their position. The action fantasy genre has never lost its charm, as a new product is released yearly. RPG Onigo Hunter is also among them when it comes to keeping its appeal for many years of its existence. An anime style from Japan is exciting and brings closeness. Unique combat mechanics make RPG Onigo Hunter grow and reach many gamers worldwide.

RPG Onigo Hunter mod

Download RPG Onigo Hunter mod – Exciting, thrilling fantasy war

RPG Onigo Hunter is the story of adventurers traveling to many distant lands. They have been exposed to many fantasy concepts and dangers that have existed for a long time by absorbing and learning the power of legendary warriors. That adventurer can find the fighting style that suits him best. Use them in battles against dark and hostile forces. It is not uncommon for those adventurers to represent the players. You will adventure in the fantasy world to proceed to protect the world that is under threat. Unlock hidden powers to defeat the most dangerous villains.

Before entering the world of RPG Onigo Hunter, you will be given the choice of the character’s gender as male or female. Based on the difference in shape and fighting style. Your preferences will create many branches of power in the course of fighting in battles. After making the character and naming it, we will start the journey. The player is transported to the Old Continent to acquaint themself with its inhabitants. There will be an instructor for you to learn basic combat and collect weapons for new powers. Every battle will take place in real-time. You need to know the enemy before entering the fight. Failure will be a lesson for you to win in the next challenge.

RPG Onigo Hunter mod apk

Find out the right lineup

Players don’t just fight alone in the Onigo Hunter RPG. Other characters will join your team to adventure across the old continent. They were all from the land of magic and had various power abilities. Someone is suitable for the position of an assassin that deals damage and evades flexibly. Some are potent magicians and have many beneficial spells. Gladiator will be responsible for becoming the shield of the whole team and stand to take damage from the enemy. Each role requires a specific battle position. You need to find out their exact position to exert the right power. Otherwise, all will be destroyed before difficult enemies and lose immediately.

RPG Onigo Hunter mod apk free

Get daily quests

Participating in a series of quests in the magical land makes you a resident of the magical land. You will register as an adventurer of the land and begin your search. The missions are hierarchical and have particular difficulty. Some player missions only require you to collect items and deliver them. In addition, most of the tasks will be battles against many creatures. Their bodies contain magic stones and are very important if exchanging for money or forging weapons. Fighting with monsters and giant bosses is always things that every player loves. Of course, the essential condition has a suitable strong squad.

RPG Onigo Hunter mod free

Subjugate magical beasts

Monsters that are not monsters in the environment for you to destroy. They belonged to many divine races and were designated to aid warriors in battle. Players can acquire monsters through dungeon trials and unique quests. When received for the first time, they will only be in a newborn state and do not have much power. But the effect will be shown if you get enough materials to upgrade them. They will mature and provide many unique products for you and the team. Including increased attack power, magic power, attack speed, and harmful effects on enemies… Most magic beasts can participate in direct combat with your team.

RPG Onigo Hunter free

The roles in a diverse war. Explore dungeons with lots of treasures and unexpected rewards. Intense battles surround the expedition team and dark creatures. All wrapped up in a large-scale epic adventure game for players to enjoy for a long time. Download the RPG Onigo Hunter mod if you want a long journey and constant growth to get infinite power.

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